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Digital Projectors - Under $3,000 USD MSRP

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09-09-2008 | Posts: 61
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How would I connect an antenna to pick up local HD (NBC, ABC, FOX, etc) to my Planar PD7060 Projector.

As you can see a standard Antenna has a Coax cable, which you can not connect...

This is the back of the Planar.

Is it possible to connect one? Is there like a Coax to HDMI or DVI-D adaptor or anything you can suggest to me

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Pretty sure you need an HDTV Tuner inbetween the antenna and projector
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You need a (digital) TV tuner. TVs have these built-in, as do cable boxes. The projector needs just a simple video signal (which is what it gets from a cable box Component or HDMI output for example), whereas antennas simply provide the multiple VHF/UHF-modulated OTA signals - something has to "tune" the station you want.

You can buy a separate tuner from Amazon, such as the "Samsung DTBH260F HDTV Terrestrial Receiver" for about $160. I suspect other models are available at varying prices.

Projectors are like monitors: they are just display devices, they do no RF manipulation for tuning channels.

Hope this helps,

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Most (all?) projectors do not contain a tuner inside of them. You'll need an ATSC tuner (assuming you're in the USA, which based on your stations listed I would guess that you are) to convert the digital OTA broadcasts into a video signal suitable for your PJ. You'll also likely want to hook the tuner's audio output to a receiver so you get sound with the picture

Many tuners exist, and I don't know much about them. You'll first want to decide if you want one that can also timeshift (record) programs or not. If you want recording capability, you should strongly consider the TiVo HD or their newer, bigger HDXL as they have dual ATSC tuners. If not, I think HDTV Technical forum is the right one to look for ATSC HD tuners but I could be wrong - I use cable and a TiVo S3 (similar to TiVo HD) for my PJ.
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