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Projector shuts down 10 seconds after turn on

Could you guys do me a favor and report back with the temperature readings displayed in the self-check screen of your projectors? With the projector on and using the remote control you enter the hidden menu by pressing the following buttons in non-stop sequence: Power, Right Arrow, Up Arrow, Down Arrow, Up Arrow, Down Arrow, and Enter. Then you'll see the self-check listed.

My readings after the projector is up to temperature are:
INTK - 168
EXST - 85
FLTR - 172

I also have had the "Lamp Fan" reading "OK" in red which I understand is the fan intermittently not running correctly.

Anyway the projector shuts down shortly after starting up and I am trying to narrow down the cause. I think it is the lamp fan, and the low reading of 85 degrees on the EXST temp is making me think that sensor might be malfunctioning.

I know I'll have some guys wanting to suggest the bulb, but it's not the bulb (1100 hours and picture is perfect when I can get the projector to stay on). Thanks.
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replacing the fan

Originally Posted by John Schlarb View Post
I'm happy to report that after replacing all 4 fans with new ones, my AE3000U seems good as new. I had to completely disassemble it (remove the major assemblies), so while I was at it I carefully cleaned the LCD panels and colored filters with the lens cleaning cloth I use for my Nikon DSLR. I also blew out the lens assembly with one of these: I ordered the 4 fans from Pac Parts ( It took about 3-4 weeks to get them, but it was obviously worth the wait! The whole process took me about 4 hours, definitely not for the faint of heart. I took some video, which I'll edit and post if someone needs it.

Now my problem is, I don't have a good reason to get a new projector. Maybe when the new bulb hits 2000 hours. :-)

EDIT: The fan replacement would have been much easier if I'd found this diagram first: Hope this helps someone else!

EDIT #2: Thanks to HMenke for his tutorial post, which gave me the courage to do this.
Yes, HMenke's tuturorial, added to your success has led me to believe that this would be reasonably simple.

You replaced all 4 fans, just to save some shiping, and perhaps some hassle down the road? or did you feel the other fans were failing as well? I beleive I only need to replace the main ventilation just sounds loud these days, but then sometimes it sounds quiter.

I love my AE3000U have had it for 5 yrs, replaced the lamp once, never had a problem, even forgot to turn it off on more than one occasion, must have ran straight for about 18 hrs or more until I noticed it was still on.

The replacing the fan and perhaps getting a new bulb should be worthwhile...I am wondering if youtwo have ran into any other non-related issues with your projector...issues that made you run out and buy a new one

Thanks for all the great info
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Hey guys, if anyone is in the market for a PT-AE3000U, I have one that I like to get sold since I purchased a new projector (thanks honey).

It only has 1360 lamp hours in ECO Mode. Asking price w/ UPS insured / shipping is $425. Works great!

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