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rekabm's Avatar rekabm 09:54 AM 05-11-2009
Hi all,

About a 2 weeks ago, the right hand side of the display started to turn brown, as if the edge of a film were "burnt". It's gotten slightly worse, creeping towards the middle a little (maybe 2 inches - the display on the wall is 90" diagonal). This is a fairly new bulb in the DLP projector, and has been working fine for about 2-3 months.

Any idea what this could be? In the "burnt" display area, I can still see the image there, it just the color appears brownish/amberish only.



Sheridan1952's Avatar Sheridan1952 10:45 AM 05-11-2009
The bulb will never cause any problems like that. What you have is the Light Tunnel is failing. While it can be repaired or replaced, it does require that the projector be disassembled. And that can be tricky as the Color Wheel has to removed and it is very fragile, broken easily.

The replacement Tunnel is about $60. Some have had success repairing but you have to make sure that it is done correctly or you will have wasted your time.
rekabm's Avatar rekabm 10:53 AM 05-11-2009
Thank you,

Do you have any recommendations on where to send to be repaired? I don't think I want to try this myself.


Sheridan1952's Avatar Sheridan1952 11:14 AM 05-11-2009
That's a repair I've performed many times. Of course, I replace the Light Tunnel, not reglue it. I usually charge $112.50 for the labor, plus any shipping for the parts and return of the projector. I ship UPS and insure it. The projector is cleaned and the firmware is checked for the latest version.

There is one other common problem with these projectors and that is the Color Wheel. After a while, the bearings start to fail. If this occurs, you will hear a whine or "buzzsaw" noise when it powers up. If you hear this now, then you can count on it failing soon. The cost on that part is $175. Now....replacing the Light Tunnel is one thing, but if you're looking at replacing both components, then you might want to reconsider as the cost gets up to the point where you have to question whether you want to that money into this projector or towards a replacement.

I am out of parts right now, I'll have to order more. If you're interested, pm me.
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