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jddcp's Avatar jddcp 07:31 AM 04-28-2010
Can someone who has the Acer confirm if it has both checkerboard (DLP Link) and a separate setting for NVIDIA 3d Vision?

Also, has anyone been able to play the Avatar game in 3d on either the PS3 or 360 with this or any other 3d Projector?

JOHNnDENVER's Avatar JOHNnDENVER 08:02 AM 04-28-2010
Originally Posted by anthonybuchanan View Post

Based on comments/reviews in this thread versus threads for the HD66 the H5360 does not seem to have as claer an image for 2D or for 3D.

I would like to be able to just get going with the H5360 without driver headaches as with the HD66 however if the image is not as good maybe the driver headaches are worth it.

Also, ProjectorCEntral gave a great review of the HD66. Basically they said the image quality is better then typical for a $700 PJ.

Can you guys weigh in on whether the 2D quality is better than you would have expected ? What about 3D.

Contrast is 3200 versus 4000 for the HD66. Anyone verify what this translates to ?

Someone seems to have a solution for drivers for the HD66. Would you have bought the HD66 now that drivers seem to be in place ?

Any comments that will help my decision would be appreciated.


I'm not sure the better PQ is in the contrast difference, I'd say it's mostly from the more advanced color wheel.
lighting53's Avatar lighting53 09:26 AM 04-28-2010
I Purchased the xpand 102 glasses on ebay... I rented the Avatar game.... with PS3 Firmware 3.3 I was able to get the 3D working with the Avatar game... there was a little gosting when the player is close to the virtual camera... I was able to remove this through the settings...

It didn't have a long time to play the game, but the 3D effect was on the game
fernanz73's Avatar fernanz73 01:02 PM 04-28-2010
don't bother with the hd66 if you're expecting it to work with standard 3d modes, nvidia without some modification, or X102 glasses. I was hoping with the x102s and this projector that I'd be able to play avatar with my ps3 or xbox. I cycled through every available 3d mode in Invincible Tiger and none worked. I read on another review that the Acer is able to work right out of the box with the ps3 and x102s playing Avatar. I also like that it supports nvidia and checkerboard with x102s or nvidia glasses (not upside down). I'm willing to take a small loss of contrast ratio to get a working setup without hasle. Already ordered my H5360 and printed out my return form from Amazon for the HD66.
wildchild22's Avatar wildchild22 02:36 PM 04-28-2010
Can someone try out and see if the cyberlink 10 converts 2d to 3d is compatible with this projector.
anthonybuchanan's Avatar anthonybuchanan 06:33 PM 04-28-2010
fernanz73, you will soon be the someone needed here that can comment on both the hd66 and the h5360.
I am not sure if the image quality is better with the hd66 I was just wondering.

What did you think about the hd66 in 2D ?
Did you apply all the tweaks suggested in the review at projectorcentral ?
fernanz73's Avatar fernanz73 08:26 PM 04-28-2010
Anthony the hd66 as a 2d projector is great, no real complaints as far as that goes. I gave up my HD71 for the HD66 to get the 3-d. The picture was just as perfect as the 71 just wrapped in a smaller package and with one less hdmi/dvi connector. After the tweaks (which I did myself using thx optimizer on my Indy Jones dvd) it had a near perfect picture, of course it doesnt compare to my full hd 60" plasma but sometime size trumps quality depending on the location and content. One complaint about the 66 is that it seemed to be quite a bit louder than the 71 presumably b/c it's packed into a smaller housing. Friday my new acer arrives and after a week and a half of expecting to get and not recieving a 3d image this had better work. ;-)
anthonybuchanan's Avatar anthonybuchanan 08:43 PM 04-28-2010
Please keep us posted on the diff in quality.
I just received a Grandview 100" fixed frame that I will start putting togeter this weekend. The quality of the pieces look awesome.

Thanks for your updates.

Looks so far like the H5360 is for me especially after you mentioned checkboard.

Looks like they put everything inside the h5360.
Verge2's Avatar Verge2 09:39 AM 04-29-2010
So this with some x102 glasses will let you play games in 3d on the ps3.... That is interesting.
anthonybuchanan's Avatar anthonybuchanan 03:54 PM 04-29-2010
Can anyone tell me why I would want checkboard right now ?

Is it confirmed tha the H5360 does use checkerboard ?
JOHNnDENVER's Avatar JOHNnDENVER 04:38 PM 04-29-2010
If it's the 1080/60 checkerboard, then you can use the Panny Bluray player as is, and the Mitsu converter comming out would also work on it.

I think it's the 720p variety though, which has no compatibility beyond using a PC that I know of.
fernanz73's Avatar fernanz73 06:17 PM 04-30-2010
got my new H5360 projector....FYI, x102s are a total POS. They do not work with either the HD66 or H5360 on ps3 or the xbox 360 on invincible tiger or Avatar games. What a waste of time and resources. Maybe the glasses are just defective. Could not get them to work with the stereoscopic viewer or iz3d driver. I'll comment on it's features and functions in another post. I just want anyone like me looking to buy this projector hoping to do 3d content on those two games is out of luck with this setup.
fernanz73's Avatar fernanz73 06:51 PM 04-30-2010
Lighting53 can you shed some light on the settings you're using? I have the H5360 and the X102s. I tried every setting possible with no luck whatsoever. I got just a hint of 3d at one point but the images never really popped out and the background mountains were always 2 distinct images. It would be much appreciated. Thanks!
anthonybuchanan's Avatar anthonybuchanan 07:13 PM 04-30-2010
fernanz73, is 2d better, same, worse then HD66 ?
fernanz73's Avatar fernanz73 08:07 AM 05-01-2010
several things on the h5360 vs the hd66. I had them set up on my wall on top of each other both playing avatar blu ray before I return my hd66 after recieving it yesterday.

first, the pq is AWESOME out of the box. the colors are multilple times brighter and more vibrant than on the hd66 even after it had been calibrated by thx optimizer. I saw no visible loss of resolution due to the 800 less contrast ratio. As a matter of fact, the picture quality rivals that of my LG 1080p plasma display, right out of the box! The picture seems brighter, crisper, and cleaner than the 66. I did notice a bit more of rainbow effect when shifting my eyes away from the screen than I did on the 66 but it doesn't bother me to the point of having to stop using it. The menus on the acer are far superior to the optomas and has built in wall color modes which adjust your picture according to the background you're using. There are 2 separate settings for Nvidia 3d mode and just a standard 3d mode. It pains me to say that I was not able to get 3d mode to work with my x102s on either my pc using several different 3d methods nor on xbox, or ps3, playing avatar or invincible tiger. However, I'm starting to feel like my x102's are defective. there have been other reports that people have gotten them to work with both the 66 and the 5360 while I have not. I've emailed the retailer and am hoping for them to replace them with a new set.

It has automatic keystone correction and flips the picture depending on it's orientation which is very nice. it's packed in a tight little package and has a neat place for the credit card remote to slide in the top and comes with a carry bag. it's less noisy than the 66 as well even in bright mode. One place (one of the only places actually) where the 66 wins is an audio out jack for headphones or external speakers which is super useful when taking it outside.

Now for the bad news. I use the projector flipped on it's top and on top of a bookshelf b/c of the lens placement in order to get a straight image that fills the space I need it to (my old hd71 had the lens on the other side and was perfectly placed). An hour out of the box it shutdown on it's own and would not turn back on. I let it sit for 5 minutes but it would not turn back on. I unplugged it and plugged it back in and it worked again. a 1/2 hour later, it happened again. None of the vents were covered or plugged while it was on its top. I flipped it back on it's bottom and let it run for an hour with no interruptions. I flipped it back on it's top again and it shutdown on it's own again. I contacted amazon and am having it replaced now, hopefully it's just a defective one and not due to the placement though I dont see how having it upside down could be the problem, for 40 bucks more it surpasses the hd66 in almost every way and well worth purchasing in my opinion. I'm not going to hold the overheating against it until I get my replacement and see if the same thing happens with that one. Moving it to a different location really isn't much of an option for me due to the configuration of my basement.
anthonybuchanan's Avatar anthonybuchanan 08:36 PM 05-01-2010
Just ordered mine from Amazon.
anthonybuchanan's Avatar anthonybuchanan 09:30 PM 05-02-2010
I just ordered an H5360 from amazon.
fernanz73's Avatar fernanz73 09:48 PM 05-04-2010
congrats Anthony, you'll like it, I do! One issue I have noticed with this projector is that the blacks are pretty black but the shading and greyscale of blacks is a bit lacking. So, if you're playing a dark game or a dark video you lose a bit of the detail.

UPDATE on x102, i've gotten them to work with the H5360 now using the iz3d driver and have watched a few 3d videos using the stereoscopic player. There is a very big lack of field sequential 3d video content right now some of it pretty painful to watch but the videos they have on nvidia's website really demonstrate the possibilities. Knights Quest 4d looks amazing! Problem was my video card didn't have the horsepower to generate the 3d signal. I upgraded to a geforce gt240 for under 100 bucks on Amazon. It supports both 3d gaming through the x102s and Nvidia vision both. Nvidia also says that it will support 3d blu ray with a software decoding program such as power dvd 10( I think they said) and just a standard blu ray drive! I've played crysis, batman arkham asylum, tomb raider underworld, and half life with half life having the best 3d effect by far. it does seem pretty jittery at times (not due to the glasses, but the image themselves) depending on convergence and separation but I'm not sure if that's the 1z3d driver or my computer. I would really like to try out the nvidia vision but I've spent enough on my toys lately. I really think that the 3d games will work with the ps3 when they become enabled in June b/c they have to update the firmware on the video out to generate a 120hz signal on any tv. Keeping fingers crossed!
anthonybuchanan's Avatar anthonybuchanan 08:02 AM 05-05-2010
That low grayscaling you refer to is what you get when you have a low contrast projector.
I have not opened mine yet however I will look for this.
I will not make a lot of compromises with this projector just to have 3D.
If the picture is not good, and strong blacks is an example of a bad picture, then I will not keep it.
If things are bad then I will likely just go with the LG 1080p projector and save money on having to buy a new PC. I only have laptops at home.
Nayr2's Avatar Nayr2 12:25 PM 05-05-2010
I got this projector a few days ago. I'm very happy with the picture overall, with the only fault being some lost shadow detail (but not TOO bad IMO). I haven't tried any sort of calibration yet, I will try tonight. Picture is great in every other respect, very bright great colours and quiet in eco mode. Rainbow effect is there but I've only noticed it a few times when looking for it.
JOHNnDENVER's Avatar JOHNnDENVER 02:00 PM 05-05-2010
Hmm quiet??? Nice, I got to hear and HD66, and compared to my current projector it seemed very loud. That would almost be worth any PQ trade offs from the HD66 in my opinion.
Nayr2's Avatar Nayr2 02:36 PM 05-05-2010
Very quiet to me in eco mode. Normal mode is definitely noticeable.
anthonybuchanan's Avatar anthonybuchanan 10:01 PM 05-05-2010
I just powered mine up and it is pretty quiet.
This is my first pj.
The color seems just okay however I have not done any calibration yet.

I am only receiving a cable signal right now. No Blueray player.

Is there a recommended calibration settings for this projector ?

Hi what about these $10 3D glasses by Nvidia ?
Anyone try them ?

Honestly, I was just thinking that I could not afford this pj because I have to get a new PC with a GT 240 plus, and also four (4) glasses at approx $500.
Verge2's Avatar Verge2 08:07 AM 05-06-2010
Originally Posted by anthonybuchanan View Post

Hi what about these $10 3D glasses by Nvidia ?
Anyone try them ?

fernanz73's Avatar fernanz73 09:17 AM 05-07-2010
I broke down and bought the nvidia vision and with the H5360 it will blow your freaking mind with games and movies. AWESOME! I have the power dvd 10 software which converts 2d dvds to 3d on the fly and it works GREAT. it really kicks the x102's ass as far as 3d effect, ease of use, smoothness, everything. But that could also be a testament to how sucky the iz3d driver i used for the x102s is compared to nvidias 3d drivers. the power dvd 10 software doesn't support dlp link on the projector (yet) so I couldn't test the x102s with it. Also, overall the nvidia vision glasses are better, they're lighter, more comfortable, regchargeable, and far less goofy looking. The picture quality stays better b/c there's not all the extra white light the 102s need to get their siignal. I am SO glad I bought this and think I've just converted myself to a pc gamer b/c playing games with this kind of 3d effect is what i've been waiting for. Now it's just a matter of which game to play and what 2d movies I think will be awesome in 3d. Star wars, 300, Gladiator in 3d? Yeah!
Nayr2's Avatar Nayr2 09:39 AM 05-07-2010
Well I've clocked about a dozen hours with this baby now and I'm seriously impressed.

2D picture quality is great. Colours were a bit off from the factory with green tinted grays and some over saturation. Since I'm using this exclusively with a computer, I did colour calibration with a Spyder3 and that fixed all issues. Guys, if you are using a HTPC INVEST IN COLOUR CALIBRATION. Even the best rated displays are often way way off in some areas.

Blacks are as good as any DLP in this price range. Shadow detail is better than I indicated above, where it was actually the source material that was at fault. Only the very darkest shadow detail is lost, and it depends heavily on your 'degamma' setting. The only complaint I still have regarding picture quality is that there is a noticeable rainbow effect for me with white on black backgrounds. Not enough to bother me personally, but it is there and it is occasionally noticeable.

Hardware wise, it's good looking, reasonably compact, and quiet. Nothing more to really comment on there. Wish it were black.

Software wise, I have some issues. It does not remember settings like 'eco mode' and resets them every time the signal changes or you switch some menu options. Very very annoying. I want it to stay in eco mode all the time.

I also had some issues getting it to work as I wanted with Nvidia 3D Vision. One problem is changing the refresh rate to 120hz (which is needed for 3D) drops the brightness of the image significantly. Therefore, I only want to use 120hz for 3D content.

The 3D profiles for the projector automatically force it to a 120hz refresh rate all of the time. I wanted it to automatically switch between 60hz and 120hz only when I load a 3D video or game. I eventually got this working, but I had to play with the Nvidia drivers and monitor settings lot more than I should have.

Nvidias drivers also automatically set the 3D depth for this projector very low, so the 3D image looks kind of squished, unless you are sitting very far away from the screen. I had to manually hack a setting in the windows registry to get good 3D depth.

Once it's all set up though, what a treat! 3D on this projector is AMAZING. No ghosting issues what-so-ever. Sitting a few feet away from a massive 3D screen while playing a game is more immersive than any virtual reality setup I've tried. When you start getting 3D objects popping-out in your peripheral vision you will lose all sense of reality. There is no feeling that the screen even exists, it is very very impressive. If you are buying this for 3D games, you will not regret it in any way what-so-ever.

The 3D effect in games is even more impressive than 3D movies because you can adjust for the correct depth no matter where you are sitting. With a video the depth is pre-determined, so if you are sitting closer to the screen everything looks a little squished or if you are sitting too far away everything looks stretched away from you.

To sum: Very little to no compromises for 2D (in the price range), AMAZING 3D (With Nvidias glasses. Can't say about others.) This little unit should be getting more attention than it has been. The one person to compare the Optima HD66 to the Acer side by side seems to suggest the Acer comes out on top, and it's cheaper if you shop around. I wish it were 1080p, but then it wouldn't have been anywhere near the $600 I got it for. Seems like a no brainer
JonStatt's Avatar JonStatt 11:31 AM 05-07-2010
Originally Posted by JOHNnDENVER View Post

If it's the 1080/60 checkerboard, then you can use the Panny Bluray player as is, and the Mitsu converter comming out would also work on it.

I think it's the 720p variety though, which has no compatibility beyond using a PC that I know of.

I wish someone would try the Panasonic BDT-300 with this projector to let us know if it works. The H5360 most definitely supports 1080p/60 as an input. It also uses the same TI chipset found in the 1080p DLP TVs. So theoretically it should therefore be able to handle the 1080p checkerboard input. So I guess the issue is whether the projector then has the ability to scale the 1080p L/R images derived from the checkerboard into its 720 resolution.

I guess someone who has a driver that outputs checkerboard format from a PC can try feeding the H5360 a 1080p checkerboard signal and see what happens.
Anthony1's Avatar Anthony1 11:36 AM 05-07-2010
Originally Posted by JonStatt View Post

I wish someone would try the Panasonic BDT-300 with this projector to let us know if it works. The H5360 most definitely supports 1080p/60 as an input. It also uses the same TI chipset found in the 1080p DLP TVs. So theoretically it should therefore be able to handle the 1080p checkerboard input. So I guess the issue is whether the projector then has the ability to scale the 1080p L/R images derived from the checkerboard into its 720 resolution.

I guess someone who has a driver that outputs checkerboard format from a PC can try feeding the H5360 a 1080p checkerboard signal and see what happens.

I think that somebody getting this Acer would have to come to the conclusion that they are going to have to go PC based for all their entertainment, if they want it to work properly. This means a PC with a Blu Ray drive, and the PowerDVD 10 program. It means playing 3D PC games instead of console games. It means hoping to use a capture card along with a DirectTV receiver, and stereoscopic player to watch live 3D broadcasts.

Basically, you pretty much have to go PC all the way. So, if you're going PC all the way, then whether or not a standalone 3D blu ray player works is kinda besides the point. Still, it would be interesting to see somebody try it just for the heck of it.
fernanz73's Avatar fernanz73 06:23 PM 05-07-2010
I just confirmed that the x102s work with the nvidia drivers as long as dlp mode is set on the projector (not nvidia). So, I have 2 pairs of glasses now!
anthonybuchanan's Avatar anthonybuchanan 06:43 AM 05-08-2010
I got it up and running with comcast only couple of days ago, shut it down with the remote, and then came back last night and it would not start with the remote.
I disconnected/reconnected the power cord and then it started with the remote.

Then it shuts down in approx 60 seconds.

Over and over it shuts down, wont start w/o disconnect of power.

I became frustrated and boxed it last night however after sleeping Ive decided I will retry everything this morning. I really want this thing to work for me.
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