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jaebaby's Avatar jaebaby 10:10 AM 09-23-2010
hi, did a quick search and found a few references to this issue but no real info. since i did find a few references i'm assuming this is a known problem?

once in awhile (not often but enough times to be really irritating) skin will show very apparent banding. ie.along the variation of tones with in the colour of one's skin there are jaggy lines separating the tones.

anyone else have this problem? is there a fix? i tried adjusting some of the settings with no resolution.

thanks in advance.
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jaebaby's Avatar jaebaby 10:35 AM 10-07-2010
hmm... no one else having this issue?
kimmik's Avatar kimmik 12:18 AM 12-28-2010
I notice it too, but since its subtle i suppose most ppl arent seeing it. 9500ub

i dont really mind it much either. its exactly as you described. the lines appear one pixel wide, at 45degrees slopping down to the right.

My 8100 and 8350 didn't have such artifacts.

also, i noticed on the 9500ub that there's a checkerboard artifact on almost all tones and hues. like a chessboard. the pixels alternate between slightly brighter and slightly dimmer.
warpdrive's Avatar warpdrive 03:47 PM 12-30-2010
do you have overscan turned on?
kimmik's Avatar kimmik 04:15 PM 12-30-2010
I don't. The artifact is not the type you see with resizing. What I see is subtle checkerboard pattern at the single pixel level which can give appearance of banding.

It's visible on midgrey or darker tones. I'm pretty certain it affects all 8500/9500 projectors, not a noticeable thing though.
patrick.s's Avatar patrick.s 09:45 PM 08-03-2011
I have an Epson PowerLite Home Cinema 8500UB, and the problem I see is definite and rampant banding of colors, most often (but not always) in the red and skin-tone portions of the spectrum. For example, instead of smooth, photo-realistic shading on a person's face, I sometimes see pronounced bands of gradient colors that shift position as the image moves, particularly on fast-motion shots. I've seen this with multiple sources: Bluray on a PS3, and both SD and HD cable feeds through a Comcast box (both connected via HDMI). have a 110" screen in a small room, so it's REALLY noticeable (almost unwatchable) when it happens. I've tweaked every setting I can find with no effect. Luckily it only happens about 15% of the time.

Anybody found a solution for this?
jaebaby's Avatar jaebaby 10:54 PM 11-07-2011
exact same problem! i had the issue from day one. should've got a replacement then... whoo well. considering getting a replacement now but it's at the end of a 2 year warranty so i'd probably get a refurb.

no one else has had this issue except patrick and i?
aaron3421's Avatar aaron3421 05:04 PM 02-19-2012
I just noticed this on my 8500ub (3 weeks or so from going out of warranty). I opened a ticket with Epson, and now I am having trouble reproducing it. At first I thought it was the bulb ready to go but that hasn't happened yet (put on about 20 hours since seeing it the first time). My experience:
  • Seems to be independent of source
  • Happens if I bypass my processor (source direct to projector)
  • Noticed on higher res material (haven't seen on DVD/SD)

Anyone have success addressing it?

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