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frberry 02:46 AM 11-04-2015
Hello Led Master,
My color problem is more subtil. I remark that the yellow color decreases in the time. When I switch on the projector,
image is really "yellow" and becomes whiter little by little. I suspect a resistor drift.... But I am afraid that it comes from the leds themselves.
Have you an idea about that? A best way would be to design a new power circuit for the leds. Do you know the Led references?


LEDMASTER's Avatar LEDMASTER 05:06 AM 11-05-2015
Yes, my friend, you are absolutely right. All LED power cirquit in this X1000 is ridiculous. Not only resistor parameters can drift, but current sources also. You can find LED power scheme in my previous posts here, some pages ago. There are no any temperature compensation elaments. Also, LEDs references you can find here:
Please pay attention to light output vs heat sink temperature curve, espacially for red LED.

LEDMASTER's Avatar LEDMASTER 07:04 AM 01-05-2016
O`K, you`re right. That`s my mistake. I mean CBT120.
frberry 02:04 PM 06-11-2016
Hello Ledmaster,

I have cut almost all the resistors in the "blue circuit" to increase the current of the led. It works... but now sometime, blue led switches off. I guess, there is a thermal protection circuit and/or the cooling is not enough. May be the thermal sensor drifts?
Any idea...

LEDMASTER's Avatar LEDMASTER 11:28 PM 06-19-2016
Check LED current. Check LED temperature. Do some measurements.
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