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Ghostman84's Avatar Ghostman84 07:46 PM 02-22-2011
I have an Optoma HD20, and no matter what the color/contrast/brightness settings certain shades of red will be blown-out or "band" (I think that's the terminology). It's fairly rare, and I would normally chalk it up to the source (Blu-ray, ect.)... but it seems specific to certain shades of RED! (some of these screengrabs appear slightly orange, but are actually red)

I have it hooked up to a Sony Blu-Ray player at 24hz. I calibrated the greyscale at 24hz, and you'll notice at 60hz I get a different less uniform scale. When I tried to calibrate at 60hz it gave me less than satisfactory results. Not sure why that would be, or if that's related to the banding problem (I calibrated at both frame-rates but still had these blown-out reds)!

Thanks in advance you home theater enthusiasts for coming to my aid!

jwrezz's Avatar jwrezz 06:53 AM 12-29-2011
I know old thread, I'm new to the forum, but...I'm setting up my optoma HD20 and noticed that extreme reds have noise or static. I'm not really great on adjusting picture quality to begin with, but am just wondering if this is due to the projector, the HDMI cable, or the receiver. Is it that red is over boosted and I should lower it. There are 2 settings for red on the projector "Red Gain" and "Red Bias". What's the diff? Thanx for any help!
srinivas1015's Avatar srinivas1015 02:03 PM 09-08-2013
I'm having the same problem with my HD67. Is there any fix to it?
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