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Sorry if any/all of this is in the wrong forum. Just in case, I cross posted here. I've got a few questions, and I figured I was better off posing them all together.

I've been considering options and narrowing down choices for my projector setup for a while now, and I think I've just about got it figured out. I wanted to get some more experienced eyes on my options/plan before I started making purchases.

Usage Plans: Even split between Games (PS3, 360, Wii, SNES, NES), TV (HD Cable, Antenna), and Movies (PS3). Zero desire for 3D viewing.

First of all, the setup (crude pictures attached): The room is 22x12. It's got a white ceiling, 1 white wall, 1 brown wood-paneled wall, and another is mostly fireplace/glass door. The fourth "wall" is open to the hallway, and will be simulated by the ceiling-mounted screen. I've got very little ambient light. The room has an "A" roof that slants at 30 degrees. I don't think I want to mount to the actual ceiling (since I'm not sure how sturdy it is, and that part of the attic isn't really accessible), but there is a large solid wood beam (5ish inches wide and 7ish inches tall) that goes across the middle of the room. I'm not sure how typical projector ceiling mounts work, but I assume I can just drill into that beam, and that would be okay? Will the angle cause any problems? Do I need some sort of anchor?

Now to the hardware. I haven't exactly decided on my purchases, but I've got it pretty well narrowed down so far.

Projector Options:
Epson PowerLite 6100 Refurb @ $999
Epson PowerLite 8350 @ $1181

I've read that the 8350 is better and has better contrast, but I've also read that it's got more lag than the 6100. I don't know if it's noticeable, but I do plan on gaming on it, so it's a concern. Regardless, I'm leaning toward the 8350. I considered DLP, but my mount will be slightly offset to my screen, and I want to have flexibility on placement in the future.

Screen Options:
FAVI 16:9/120-Inch Motorized Screen @ $257
FAVI 16:9/120-Inch Pull Down Screen @ $110

Both are matte white with a gain of 1.3. Should I consider getting a grey screen instead? I don't know anything about screen brands. I just picked some well-rated ones from Amazon. I considered going with a 150" screen, as I have the room for it, but I only saw one option less than $1000, and that's just way outside of my budget.

Receiver Options:
Sony STR-DN1010 @ $299
Yamaha RX-V667 @ $410

I read that the Yamaha is better, but I couldn't honestly say why. I know it's got more inputs than the Sony, but both have more inputs than I'll need. The Yamaha also has a nicer on-screen interface, which I suppose I like. My only real desire is that I can plug all of my stuff into it and only have a single HDMI cable connecting it to the projector. My current Receiver requires HDMI->HDMI and Component->Component which I hate. I want to be able to just switch the receiver rather than having to also switch the projector's input.

I'm also concerned about HDMI 1.4 audio return channel or something? Honestly, what I read about it went over my head. I just want to make sure that I can plug things into my receiver and have sound come out of the connected speakers without having to do some strange connection back from the projector. Am I worrying about nothing?

I'm not *really* constrained by budget, though I'd like to keep the total cost below $2000. If it's over $2k, I'll have to wait to buy all of the components. I already own 7.1 speakers that I'm happy with, so I don't need to budget for those.

Thanks in advance for your help! Let me know if I need to clarify anything.
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You might be overloading people with questions. You may want to break them up, and put them in the various categories on this site.

For the projector performance, i would recommend visiting some of the review sites such as and

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