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kludd323's Avatar kludd323 07:16 PM 05-07-2013
I tried out a GT750 for a couple weeks and had some very mixed feelings.

For one thing, 3D gaming on a projector is AMAZING and is now a necessity for life. Playing modern games in 2D is a joke to me now. However, on this projector, no matter how much I tinkered with the settings I feel like I couldn't get satisfactory colors/contrast in 3D or 2D. The default settings are all extremely light and washed out, I could mess with them to get some solid contrast and vibrancy but the more I did that the more it destroyed the color accuracy and crushed the blacks. And I'm not someone who's particularly anal about that sort of thing, I'm used to looking at old CRT screens with the colors pumped up and the blacks crushed, but here it was much, MUCH worse and I had to keep going back to the unbearably dull presets. I do wonder how much of this is the limitations of the projector and how much of it is due to my room conditions with light reflecting off the walls and ceiling. However, when playing blu-rays it would switch to a different color mode with more settings and I was able to get a very nice image out of that (at least on the 1 blu-ray I tried). Is that supposed to be the case? I don't see it being discussed much here.

So a 3D projector is now a must have for me, but I'm torn between getting one of these or going with the supposedly much better, twice as expensive alternative of the W1080ST. I don't know how big of a difference it would be, but if I can't get a decent image out of this one that seems like the course to take.

kevinlg's Avatar kevinlg 12:12 AM 05-08-2013
kept mine for one week, couldnt take how it was 720p and how bad the colors looked, the blu rays did look good with some ambient lighting but then at pitch black, it was really bad.

for a videophile like me, i couldn't take it, so i got another projector and im 90% happy
kludd323's Avatar kludd323 07:38 PM 05-09-2013
So did you have a similar experience where the presets were all dull and washed out but trying to change it even a little would mess things up? How much of a difference did a better pj make on things aside from resolution?

It seems like others have been satisfied with the color quality on this, so I still wonder if my room is to blame or if it just looks crap in RGB color mode.
romero1330's Avatar romero1330 09:54 AM 05-15-2013
Have you tried calibrating yet? I own the GT750e and I just calibrated mine with the Disney WoW disc and its much better now. Games are awesome and so are blurays regular directv HD channels however are just ok. I like you am not exactly anal about things. For a Videophile I am sure the 720p thing would be aggravating. Try calibrating it this was my first time calibrating and I am going to get the Munsell disc next as it has 3D calibrating in it not sure how optimizable the 3D is on this projector just yet. I turn the lamp brightness up when I do 3D in my house we all enjoy it. This is also my first real projector though as well before this one I had one of those white van scam bernelli projectors what a waste of money. Live and learn.....

HDMI 50FT Cable.
BlueRigger HDMI Cable (50 Feet)- CL3 Rated for In-wall Installation- supports 3D and Audio Return
Does anyone know if this cable will actually work for 3D and more? I always thought a cables limit was 25ft and then you would need some type of signal booster in between? I read a review on amazon about this cable and the most recent is someone saying they were skeptical about a 50ft cable so cheap and it being able to do 3D but they said the 3D worked fine.
SubaruB4's Avatar SubaruB4 07:36 AM 05-16-2013
I'm wondering about that cable too but in 35 Ft.
derek's Avatar derek 02:56 PM 05-16-2013
I have a 25ft Bluerigger for my Optoma GT750 and having no issues. Also with regards to picture quality (PS3, Blu, FIOS HD) I'm pretty happy with the performance I'm getting. I'm coming from CRT so disappointed in the blacks (better in 3D w/ glasses) but they are acceptable. Sharpness and colors good and vibrant. I do see rainbows from time to time (especially trying to look for them) but not really distracting. klud323: what screen/screen gain are you using?
kludd323's Avatar kludd323 09:27 PM 05-16-2013
I was using one of those 35ft bluerigger cables and the 3D seemed to work fine.

Wasn't using a screen, just a light grey wall. I'd imagine the blacks would be a lot worse on a white screen. Blacks were still part of the problem though. If i turned down the brightness I could get them to look acceptable but then all dark colors became black. Just as upping the contrast got me acceptably vibrant color but then everything became oversaturated. This was never such an issue with any TV or monitor I've used.

And I don't really know what calibration involves, but I had tinkered with the picture settings obsessively and was never happy with anything but the blu-ray, which used a different color mode (something like "yCbCr" I think) and had more settings.
hatlesschimp's Avatar hatlesschimp 03:23 PM 08-24-2013
I use mine in the bedroom now. Its mounted to the ceiling. Me and the missus watch a movie every night in bed before we crash out. smile.gif
djtheg33k's Avatar djtheg33k 02:47 PM 08-28-2013
I'm looking at getting a GT750/760 next week for my office/mini-game theater. Are they still tops for gaming? Also, do you think it's good to stick with the 720p gaming projector with the PS4 and Xbox One on the way?
hatlesschimp's Avatar hatlesschimp 04:34 AM 08-29-2013
The gt750 has a bit of motion blur but no input lag. But all projectors have motion blur and possibly the gt750 has the least.

The gt760 must be new. I would get the 760 hands down. New tech!
JOHNnDENVER's Avatar JOHNnDENVER 03:23 PM 08-29-2013
Motion blur must be real minor. I have not noticed even a hint of it so far with my 750
hatlesschimp's Avatar hatlesschimp 01:58 AM 08-30-2013
I noticed it on call of duty, battlefield and gran tourismo.
JOHNnDENVER's Avatar JOHNnDENVER 10:43 AM 08-30-2013
ahhhh. Thanks for the additional info. I am not a gamer. I should of specified on BD, HD-DVD, DVD, 3D BD, and even LD titles I have not seen a hint of motion blur.
hatlesschimp's Avatar hatlesschimp 11:11 AM 08-30-2013
They are not a bad projector but if your just playing movies I would go the benq w1070 or w1080. At least they are 1080p native. The long throw has a better track record for reliability too. Well from what ive read online.
JOHNnDENVER's Avatar JOHNnDENVER 09:44 AM 08-31-2013
I can see that for sure. For ease of install in my theater room, I did not want to mount, so I needed that really short throw to make a projector really work for me with the seating arrangement. So I sort of tied my own hands there. Plus I got a screaming deal on a refurb'd 750. smile.gif

Some people talk of the colors being bad? I did not find that at all. I set my sources for 720p except the BD player and even use the avr scaler set to 720p for LD's. I use a nice HD-DVD player for my SD-DVD's... Basic Panasonic for BD / 3D BD and really only needed minor calibration tweaks, I left the BD player at 1080p for seamless BD / 3D BD use.
hatlesschimp's Avatar hatlesschimp 12:22 PM 09-02-2013
the colors arent to bad but I do know what a better projector looks like but because I have mine in the bedroom I don't really care too much as long as I get a
hatlesschimp's Avatar hatlesschimp 04:49 AM 11-13-2013
Originally Posted by hatlesschimp View Post

the colors arent to bad but I do know what a better projector looks like but because I have mine in the bedroom I don't really care too much as long as I get a

Well things have changed since that last post.

Was laying in bed playing with my phone when I heard a loud pop noise and as I looked upto to the projector I saw a spark fly out from the right side as you look at it from upside down and from the back. I tried to turn it on and nothing. I relised the power was offi thought it was theheavy rain at the time affecting the powerlines but as I soon worked out the circut breaker switch for the power outlet points was tripped and off. I flickedit back on and tried it and nothing its dead. Also it had a weird smell from the vent. The funny thing was we werent even using it when it happened and it has never missed a beat. Hmmm

Does anyone know what the problem is? Maybe I could change a part out.
robl45's Avatar robl45 05:15 AM 11-13-2013
maybe you just blew the bulb, do you hear the fan or anything?
hatlesschimp's Avatar hatlesschimp 05:42 AM 11-14-2013
I havent tried it again it probably is just a bulb but I purchased a new BenQ W1080ST and it is amazing and cannot even be compared to the GT750e. Absolutely amazing and the 3D is spectacular!!!
Garage Battle's Avatar Garage Battle 09:59 PM 06-01-2014
Bumping this because I ran into an issue, found a solution.

IF YOUR GT750 is turning itself on automatically, please read.


Green flashing light all the time (slow flashing) - running, powering on, powering off, and off - always slow flashing
You do not see the standby light when the projector is off (you still see the slow flashing green light)
Projector turns itself back on after being shut off. It may try to, and then wait, and try again (its waiting for the bulb to cool)


2. Exit the menu
3. Power down the projector
4. Now, wait 10-15 minutes for the projector to cool. Serious on this.
5. Power on the projector, go back into the menu and turn OFF the DIRECT POWER ON feature
6. The next time you shutdown your projector, you should see the green light turn off, and the standby light should come back.

Since this happened not long after I got my first lamp warning, Im going to assume its a corruption issue in the firmware. Ive read on other forums of users having this same issue over 500 hours (ie, when you get your first lamp warning).
robl45's Avatar robl45 05:13 AM 06-02-2014
I had the same issue, many times already, sometimes just turning the projector off and unplugging it for a few minutes would fix it and put it back to standby, another time, I went like 3 months with the problem unplugging it each time I was done with it. I did stumble onto another flaw that maybe is just with mine. If you switch into 3d and hit the button for letterbox mode. The one that basically will take a 2.35 film and stretch it to 16:9, then you switch out of 3d still in letterbox mode, the projector will crash. After unplugging and waiting a few minutes, the projector will get the standby light again and work correctly.
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