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rrange's Avatar rrange 12:14 PM 08-05-2011
I've had my projector for about 3 months now and the lens is covered with dust. I tried to wipe it off with the lens cloth that came with it but when I just barely touched it, it felt rubbery, almost tacky. It felt like if I were to continue wiping it, it would just smear and make things worse.

Does anybody know why it feels like this and why the dust seems to be stuck on there? And how would I go about cleaning it... is this something a lens pen would work on?

rovingtravler's Avatar rovingtravler 02:22 PM 08-05-2011
Does anyone smoke in the house, not the room but the house? paint recently, or use hair spray etc even close to it? Any kids running around that could touch it?

I have never seen any sticky stuff on any lense I have had.

You can use lens cleaner, or paper.
rrange's Avatar rrange 03:30 PM 08-05-2011
Nope and I keep the cap on when not in use and it's in a dedicated room. I'm not sure if it's actually sticky but there was resistance when I touched it with the lens cloth. I was expecting to just wipe the dust off but it didn't seem like it was going to go anywhere.
Ilya Volk's Avatar Ilya Volk 08:21 AM 02-09-2013
Having the same problem. It looks exactly the same. The lens seems clear when pj if off. Not sure if its affecting the picture, but it looks disturbing.
senam's Avatar senam 03:42 PM 02-09-2013
You say it felt rubbery. Just curious, did you try to clean the lens while the PJ was turned on (to better see where the dust is) or off? If it was on, I assume the lens would be very hot and possibly make the dust more sticky when moved? Does it appear to affect image quality?
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