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Originally Posted by johnnyro View Post

My 3010 is projecting on a elite screens 120" fixed sable screen and I have a big bright spot from the projector? What setting is this caused by or is my 3010 defective? Has anyone heard of this. It's hard to notice on certain screen shots but if everything is the same color u can for sure see that one spot is brighter on the screen almost like too much light from the projector is concentrated on one spot. Is there a quick fix or am I gonna have to.send back to Epson?

Try it on a wall and if ou see it get an exchange.....also to eliminate the possibility of hot spot, can you check of the bright spot moves as you move ?
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Which of these would be preferred for 3D gaming?

I was thinking of hooking it up to my PC (currently have 2x 5850 ATi cards which should do HDMI 1.4a but may change to nvidia in the future)
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Projectors cannot do 2 x HDMI inputs for 1080p @ 120hz (not any of these anyhow).

That said, the Optoma hd33 is the best one in this price range for 3D gaming (but it is a tight fit and you MUST make sure it will fit in your room). Try my calculator in my signature to make sure it fits. Check out the Benq w710st or the Optoma gt750 if you want to save money and mount these in front of you on a table instead of the Optoma hd33 (which requires ceiling or high-shelf mount).

The Benq w7000 is also probably pretty good in 3D gaming. Regardless of which projector you get (1080p or 720p), at best you'll be stuck gaming in 3D mode at 720p with 60hz (or 1080p @ 24hz, but you can only play SIm-LIKE games at 24hz because motion will be bad which means you need to play games at 720p resolution).

So if mainly gaming in 3D, then a 1080p projector has a very small advantage at best (only if you also use it for movies and TV).

**New Projector Calculator Released**
Access HERE from this thread

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On thing that disqualifies Epson 3010/20 PJ in my mind is lack of 24p interpolation. I might be one of those not many people who get tired eyes watching stuttering fast moving objects in many action movies. I never liked it in movie theater either. The blessing to my eyes came with 120Hz technology which I welcomed replacing my two 120-less LCD HDTV sets with these who have it. I know, many folks says it makes movie looking like soap opera and I say, only if you set interpolation to absolute max. Moderate settings gives best results imo and I stick to that. Watching Blu Ray movies in 24p with HD33 is as good as on my LEDHDTV, smooth and "silky"... wink.gif

In past couple of weeks I went through time consuming process of procuring right projector for my living room an it was not easy, in fact I am not finished yet. I started from Optoma HD23 PJ which has great brightness to watch sports or daily news with lots of ambient light. In the dark, the projector was just flaring so much making great dlp "black" grey that I am about to return it. Because my main objective is to watch "silky smooth" looking movies in absolute dark, HD23 was not a good choice. So I got HD33 which per specification is slightly darker and tried it for several hours yesterday. Results are good so far, I see no flaring anymore and picture has much darker blacks. Test screens projected using Digital Video Essentials Blu-ray disk show more shades of grey available including the black bar which with HD23 was not achievable with any PJ settings. Still HD33 is too bright for my taste because my old InFocus projector has better blacks having only 750 lumens (comparing to 1700 for HD33). But I am not going to cry about it, it is acceptable. The black levels will never be as good as on my 55 inch LED HDTV and I have to accept it. But if HD33 allowed to crank lumens down by half it could be dream projector to watch in absolute dark in typical living room with lots of reflected light around. Btw, HD33 is going to be my 5th projector I had a chance to play with extensively or use through the years (after Panasonic PT model, Infocus, Epson 8350 and recently Optoma HD23).

I was going to give it a shot and put Epson 3010 side by side with HD33 just to make sure I am not missing anything but after reading lots of posts (by the way, great thread with lots of info and great feedback on both projectors!) about Epson being even brighter and has no 24p interpolation not mentioning might have some color convergence issues, I think I am not going to bother with this one.

I also have some thoughts regarding some comments about projector brightness. I respectfully disagree that brighter projector is better in general. For daily use, watching sports or playing games with ambient light, bright projectors are great. That is where more lumens counts. But for those who seek theater like experience in family rooms with limited budget and lack of space for typical "man-cave" dark room, the low lumen projector with high contrast grey low gain screen is what works best. Some viewers worry a lot about ambient light but do not pay enough attention to reflected light. I can't believe everyone here has dark man cave as projection room. I am sure lots of viewers end up in a situation like mine where i have to share living room for the projection purpose. Brighter projector or higher gain screen will make things worse in terms of black levels washing these away like a morning toilet flush. This is because you are going to end up with more reflected light bouced from the screen and then surrounding walls and getting back to the screen again. Yes, life of a man withouth a true man cave is hard, I have to say! wink.gif
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hi, all.

I am in need of a new projector that is excellent for full HD 2d but also handle full HD 3d well.

What are my option? My budget is about £800.

Will start off projecting onto a magnolia wall.

Room size is 330cm long x 250 cm wide.
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Start by looking here, The Benq 1070 is a nice pj for the price. Just make sure the short throw distance, and limited lens shift, can work in your setup. Currently $900 USD with a code.
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