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basementdweller1 02-01-2012 09:35 AM

I am really confused on mounts for my basement theater and a new Epson 8700UB, my first projector. It seems many feel the Chief line is a very well made mount and so I have been looking at those for a FLUSH ceiling mount... here is my question.

1. Which RPA is the right one? It seems several have used the Chief RPAU http://www.chiefmfg.com/Products/RPMAU which I guess is their "universal" ceiling mount that can mount flush. If I buy this mount do I need to also buy the "ceiling mounting plate" separately or does this include everything I need?

2. What about the RPA168 http://www.chiefmfg.com/Products/RPMA168 which seems to be a custom to the Epson 8700UB version of the RPAU? Am I correct on this? What are the advantages vs the Universal version, is it easier to put on or install, smaller, etc.? Does this need a seperate ceiling mounting plate?

Thanks a lot, this is a bit confusing and I want to get the right product.

tommyv2 02-01-2012 09:51 AM

The RPAU does not come with a ceiling plate. Once you add in all the hardware (especially in the universal version), the RPAU isn't very flush against the ceiling. However, that is a good thing! Mounting too close to the ceiling puts the projector in a pocket of hot air and really kills the cooling, especially if there are other obstacles (bulkheads, shelves, lights) around it to trap the hot air. Also, the more flush you make it, the more vertical lens shift you need to use to get the image in the right place.

The RPAU is built like a tank, it's sort of over-engineered to the point of hilarity. I fully recommend it, and even adding a 3" NPT pipe to drop the projector even lower if it's cosmetically feasible.

I had a very flush mount for my 8350 (Omnimount), and I'm pretty sure that's what cooked my polarizers after only 830 hours. It ran incredibly hot, I thought, but I didn't know better. I changed things up for my next projector.

basementdweller1 02-01-2012 12:05 PM

ok so i have to buy a chief "ceiling plate" with any of these, i assume that works with any of the RPA models. then can you speak if i should buy the universal version to use it in the future, or get the 168 model which i assume is the custom version, which i guess is smaller?

tommyv2 02-01-2012 12:23 PM

Yes, you'll need a plate - any will do, choose whichever you like or meets your installation type. Lots to choose from. Most don't come with the huge lag bolts you'll need to screw into your ceiling joists, so prepare a trip to the hardware store, too.

I bought the universal, if only because projectors come and go, and a good Chief mount is expensive. I'd rather have it for the next one, too. You won't be disappointed - it's a beast of a mount and a ton of fun to assemble.

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