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danceswithgeckos's Avatar danceswithgeckos 10:01 PM 03-18-2012
According to:

the Acer K750 is "full HD resolution" with 1500 lumen.

Can anyone confirm this spec?

danceswithgeckos's Avatar danceswithgeckos 10:20 PM 03-18-2012
If the K750 is just the same 1024x768 resolution like the K520 - why does Acer even bother with two different models? On the other hand if the K750 is 1080p than its pushing into the H6500 lamp based territory except for the 1500 lumen rating.
DLPProjectorfan's Avatar DLPProjectorfan 11:49 PM 03-18-2012
From looking at the pictures of this new Acer K750 model there are no exhaust vents on the front of the projector and the vents are on the side.
So will there be any problems with heat effecting the focus with the clone models ?
Does the case of this new model Acer K750 look a little larger than the clone Acer model ? did they learn their mistake and routed the heat away from the lens ? added heat shields ? extra heat sink tubes ?
Is this a keeper depending on the price ?
DLPProjectorfan's Avatar DLPProjectorfan 11:57 PM 03-18-2012
I used a translator and translated from German to English.
It's due out on release this fall in full " Full HP dissolution" whatever that means, Dynamic contrast of 100.000:1 .
Did another search, a Russian sight.
Brightness 1500 ANSI lm
Display DLP 1x0.55"
Native resolution 1024x768
Contrast 100000:1
Availability Shipping
Anounce - March 2012
Ship date - March 2012
Native resolution is 1024 x 768
danceswithgeckos's Avatar danceswithgeckos 01:30 AM 03-19-2012
I speak German, but the article still doesn't make any sense.
According to the article, Acer's target market for the K520 is office users, while the K750's "Full HD Resolution" and 100.000:1 dynamic contrast ratio is intended to appeal to "home theater fans."
blee0120's Avatar blee0120 07:29 AM 03-19-2012
Why just 1024x768? I can't wait for a 1080p affordable LED projector
DLPProjectorfan's Avatar DLPProjectorfan 12:23 AM 06-19-2012
Bless0120 ? I just read about Viewsonic's revealing for their new Hybrid Led Laser 1080P projector that some of us were waiting for since January, but, don't wait much longer unless anyone is willing to fork out $ 3,000 or more frown.giffrown.gif
What a bummer.
Your right, can't wait for a AFFORDABLE 1080P LED projector.. Here that projector companies ?
As I said on another thread, if they don't get their act together they are going to lose market share against the flat panel TVs and Virtual Glasses.
DLPProjectorfan's Avatar DLPProjectorfan 12:29 AM 06-19-2012
I might as well buy a regular bulb based 1080 P projector and buy 2 extra bulbs for the price of the new Viewsonic Hybrid LED Laser projector with 1080P.
newguy12345's Avatar newguy12345 11:40 AM 06-19-2012
yeah they are gonna want a idiotic amount of money for this. lol we shall see.
HogPilot's Avatar HogPilot 03:15 AM 06-24-2012

Another source indicating that the K750 is "full HD," which I'm assuming is 1080p, and Acer personnel at CeBIT quoted as saying between 1500 € and 2500 €.
DLPProjectorfan's Avatar DLPProjectorfan 10:06 PM 06-24-2012
That would be between $ 1,900 to $ 3,100 US Dollars.

Now if this will do TRUE HD in 1080 P would people buy it at this price ?

Or wait a few months and see if there is a price drop ?

It still costs to much for my tastes.

The in between price would be around $ 2,600.
DLPProjectorfan's Avatar DLPProjectorfan 10:10 PM 06-24-2012
I guess a nice sized 3D HD TV would cost for that price of $ 2,600 UD dollars.
DLPProjectorfan's Avatar DLPProjectorfan 10:12 PM 06-24-2012
If I could wait 6 months and see how this projector performs and wait for one that is for sale as a refurbished for around $ 1,700 then I might, I might buy it.

Anyone had good experience or bad experience with refurbished products ?
DLPProjectorfan's Avatar DLPProjectorfan 10:15 PM 06-24-2012
Is that the MSRP ? or street price ?
dougri's Avatar dougri 10:56 PM 06-24-2012
FWIW, the user guide is available on the Acer site:

1080p, laser/led, no mention of 3D though???
blee0120's Avatar blee0120 11:18 PM 06-24-2012
Originally Posted by DLPProjectorfan View Post

If I could wait 6 months and see how this projector performs and wait for one that is for sale as a refurbished for around $ 1,700 then I might, I might buy it.
Anyone had good experience or bad experience with refurbished products ?

I see that there are a couple of 1080p led/laser projectors but I could not find myself paying no more than $1500 for any of them. To go over $2k, it will have to be from JVC or Sony. Unless its one of the very high end companies.
HogPilot's Avatar HogPilot 03:03 AM 06-25-2012
Originally Posted by dougri View Post

FWIW, the user guide is available on the Acer site:
1080p, laser/led, no mention of 3D though???

Thanks for posting that. According to the manual, no lens shift, 1.5-1.8x throw, 1.2x zoom, no mention of whether the optics are glass or plastic (I'd hope glass for a projector of this price), and as pointed out no mention of 3D. Very peculiar mix of features at this price point, in a form factor just a little bigger than the K330. Here's the specs:

Projection system DLP®
Resolution Native: 1080P (1920 x 1080), Maximum: UXGA (1600 x 1200), WSXGA+(1680x1050)
Computer compatibility IBM PC and compatibles, Apple Macintosh, iMac and
Video compatibility NTSC (3.58/4.43), PAL (B/D/G/H/I/M/N), SECAM (B/D/G/
K/K1/L), HDTV (720p, 1080i, 1080p), EDTV (480p,
576p), SDTV (480i, 576i)
Aspect ratio Auto, 4:3, 16:9, L.Box
Displayable colors 1.07 billion colors
Projection lens F = 2.55 ~ 2.86, f = 22.37 mm ~ 26.73 mm, 1:1.2 Manual
Zoom and Manual Focus
Projection screen size (diagonal) 38" (96 cm) ~ 300" (762 cm)
Projection distance 4.9' (1.5 m) ~ 32.7' (10.0 m)
Throw ratio 60"@2 m (1.50 ~ 1.80:1)
Horizontal scan rate 30 k - 100 kHz
Vertical refresh scan rate 50 - 85 Hz
Keystone correction +/- 15 degrees
Weight 3.95 Kg (8.71 lbs)
Dimensions (W x D x H) 321 mm x 231 mm x 87 mm (12.64" x 9.09" x 3.43")
Power supply AC 100 – 240 V, 50-60 Hz
Power consumption Normal mode: 174 W +/- 10% @ 110 Vac (Bright mode
@ full power)
ECO mode: 117 @ 110 Vac (Video mode @ eco power)
Standby < 0.5 W
Operating temperature 5ºC to 40ºC / 41ºF to 104ºF
I/O connectors • Power socket x1
• RS232 x1
• Composite input x1
• S-Video x1
• VGA input x1
• HDMI x2
• Audio input x1
• Audio output x 1
DLPProjectorfan's Avatar DLPProjectorfan 04:08 PM 06-25-2012
How many of you are hoping that ? that price of 1800 Euros to 2500 Euros is either a misprint or MSRP ?

HOPEFULLY that street prices will be more in the $ 1,500 US dollar range.

Yes, I could see myself buying it at around $ 1,500 USD.

Or as I said before wait for 6 months and see if there is one for sale that is refurbished and get it for $ 1,200 USD.
DLPProjectorfan's Avatar DLPProjectorfan 04:16 PM 06-25-2012
I wonder ? would the value of the Euro vs the US dollar could effect and make it look like it cost's more that what it might actually cost us here in the USA ?

Yes, I checked it it with the currency converter, but, who know ? it might be released cheaper than we thought.

Hey ? one can only dream, maybe ? can get one for $ 900 ?

It looks like it's built on the K330 platform, so it could be effected by the lens focus issues as the K330 frown.gif
DLPProjectorfan's Avatar DLPProjectorfan 04:34 PM 06-25-2012
Since this projector is built around the K330 and other projectors form factor, then ?

Someone posted pictures of the K330 thread and opened up a K330 projector.

The DLP chip heat sink was located to close to the power supply , a no no, and not enough air getting around it.
One of the LED's didn't even have a proper heat sink or heat pipe connected to it right next to the lens, another no no, why ? didn't they even bother to put a heat shield between the LED and lens ? cost ?

Yes, if some one with more money could buy one of these of Ebay and some how find a old larger DLP projector with possibly with better optics and some how manage to fit the inside electronics, LEDs, Lens, DLP chip inside a older DLP for experimental purposes and see that they come up with.

The power supply in these projectors need to be isolated from the rest of the electronics and the ALL of the LEDS need proper heat ventilation and heat sinks.

Hey ACER ? just build a kit for people to build there own LED 1080 P projector, I am sure the people could come up with something good.
DLPProjectorfan's Avatar DLPProjectorfan 04:43 PM 06-25-2012
ACER ? unless your doing it for cost ? keep the heat away from the optical lens, DLP chip, and dissipate the heat away from the LED properly.

Another thing ? what's the point of having composite video in these things in today's world ? yes, I admit, composite RCA helped me one time when my computer video card was out of range and I hooked it up to my old trusty CRT TV to get it back in range, but, COMPOSITE ? really ?
DLPProjectorfan's Avatar DLPProjectorfan 04:48 PM 06-25-2012
Acer ? most of us are willing to live with just one HDMI port to lower the cost of the projector, just a thought Acer.
dougri's Avatar dougri 05:03 PM 06-25-2012
Originally Posted by DLPProjectorfan View Post

Since this projector is built around the K330 and other projectors form factor, then ?...

I wouldn't assume the K-moniker indicates similar form factor, but rather alternative (to bulb) light source. The user manual on the acer site and published specs for the K330 indicate the K750 to be nearly three times the weight (8.7 vs 2.9 lbs) and four times the volume (394 vs 104 cu. in.). This is NOT a portable projector in the classic sense, but apparently more of a compact home theatre projector... roughly half the size and weight of their h9500bd, and 3 times the size/weight of their portable projectors.
blee0120's Avatar blee0120 09:11 PM 06-25-2012
Can't wait to see the US street price. $1500 or under I'm in. It's rated at 1500 lumens but if it can get 1000 lumens in best mode, it would make the perfect tv to watch all day. Or do anything that worries me about bulb projectors. I know it won't give the best 2D performance, so I would still use a bulb projector to get the best of both worlds.
DLPProjectorfan's Avatar DLPProjectorfan 11:40 PM 06-25-2012
Thank you for the information, I admit I was just going by looking at the picture of the projector.
So ? if it's larger in size and volume then this projector might not suffer from the focus issues as the smaller K330 projector.
DLPProjectorfan's Avatar DLPProjectorfan 12:59 AM 06-26-2012
I did a search and found another Acer projector that is close in size and volume.

It's the P1201B is 10.6 " X 8.1 " X 3.8 " ( 269 mm X 206 mm X 96 mm )

The K750 is (W x D x H) 321 mm x 231 mm x 87 mm (12.64" x 9.09" x 3.43") about 2 " wider 1.8 " deeper and about 1/4 slimmer in height.

So basically almost the same size, so this K750 is in the same size and volume in the P1201B class Acer projector.

Wonder if this one would have more room for the projector to breath than the K330 ?

Wonder if they had enough sense to keep critical electronic parts components away from heat, like the DLP chip and heat sink, lens, LEDS, and especially away from the power supply.

Yes, it's a keeper IF the price is right.

Still no mention of 3D however ? would Fury 3D work or have people had problems with Fury 3D ?
HogPilot's Avatar HogPilot 01:10 AM 06-26-2012
We can go in circles with the speculation, however it's still just speculation.

Hopefully more concrete info will be available in the next couple months. Frankly I was hoping that this would be somewhere close to the price of my K330 so I could replace it with a brighter 1080p unit with glass optics, but obviously I was hoping for too much. Frankly I'd rather they ditch the zoom (and fixed offset) to make the optics cheaper, but what's done is done. I hope that by the time I need a projector of this size again for travel, the price on the K750 will have come down a bit.
3dprojector's Avatar 3dprojector 05:04 PM 06-29-2012
eat meat's Avatar eat meat 07:39 PM 06-29-2012
Originally Posted by DLPProjectorfan View Post

Since this projector is built around the K330 and other projectors form factor, then ?
no its not....
eat meat's Avatar eat meat 07:50 PM 06-29-2012
the 1080p ht projector market is tiny,with the small portable led pjs(like the 330) we know they are being made by one company and puting it in different cases
with slight tweeks(like i/o ports and presets)-you wont see a 1080p pure led dlp under 3000$(more like runco 10,000$ stuff)The 1080p dlp hybreds will be around 3000$(i dont consider that led lcd pj worth discussing/no one will carry it outside of china probably)
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