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I just bought a BenQ W7000, hooked it up to a computer and noticed the desktop was fuzzy in a weird way. So I put up a test image that consisted of different sized black & white checkerboards. The projector does fine on some of them but does not correctly display others. For example the single-black by single-white pixel checkerboard is rendered as uniform middle gray pixels, as if all pixels were exactly the same shade of gray. (You can find the test image by doing a search for: hitechlegion acerhn274h sd10.png).

This is not an eye sight problem, you can get up close to the screen and see each pixel. It's not a resolution mismatch problem as you can see other parts of the test image are rendered exactly right. I've disable/enable every option I could think of looking for something that would eliminate this mis-feature. Does anyone know what's going on? This isn't a huge issue, but it does mess up fonts, which don't look good with this kind of mangling going on.

Other than that I mostly happy with the unit. It does get quite loud with the fan on high. It works well for gaming. Skyrim looks great -- lag, when frame interpolation is off is not detectable (except if you have an LCD in the same view and then you can see a slight lag if you yank the view back and forth rapidly).

I also noticed the projector does not render cyan well at all. Cyan comes out as light blue. Fiddling with the color settings does not help. What's up with that? Is cyan hard to produce with a color wheel or something?
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