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What's the longest I can run an HDMI cable still get 3D? I've seen on monoprice the longest the sell that's certified for 3D is 25'. I really need about 35' or so.

I know there 'used' to be cables that could overcome those length concerns (redmere cables) but monoprice is out of stock of them, and has been for awhile.

Can I just get a HDMI signal booster and no problems? How expensive would they be?

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I just bought an Epson package from visualapex that came with a 35 ft hdmi, works with no problems with 3D. http://www.visualapex.com/accessorie..._-_Video-Audio check out their web site. Just make sure its a v1.4 cable.

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If it is something that would be hard to change later do it right and run conduit:-) If you can't run conduit I'd use one of the solutions for longer runs such as a balun. Currently a decent 35' cable would be fine for 3D but may cause problems in the future when 4k2k and other higher bandwidth formats become available. So if it is easy to change you can get by with a less expensive solution now.
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an extender is pretty cheap:


13 bucks from monoprice.

I'm probably going to try the actiontec wireless hdmi since I have my projector on a table and I don't want wires. Actually even, if I ceiling mounted I would want to use wireless even though I'd still need a cable raceway for the power cord.

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You can get 50ft cables pretty easily, however from my experience after 40ft. you can get in the iffy zone where it probably will work but depending on where you run it it can get to much interference. But under 40ft. there really is no reason to get a repeater. Past 50ft. I would say get a HDMI over Cat5 solution.
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Originally Posted by mcnizzel View Post

If you can I'd recommend you try a red mere cable from mono price. This is exactly the type of situation they are
Targeting with those. I've he heard they should be available shortly.

I'm waiting for exactly that cable. I'm on the notify list as soon as they come in. https://www.monoprice.com/products/p...ormat=2&style=
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Only in 25 & 35 foot lengths, there is this choice http://rainbowfishcorp.com/Fiber-Optic-HDMI.html You do need a USB on the device that the receiver plugs in, to power it.
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There are several vendors with "certified" high speed (1.4) HDMI cables of 50' or even longer. I'm using a 50' version since my run is a non-direct route through the ceiling from the equipment room to the projector. It works fine for 3D. Without starting a debate on price/performance of Monster Cable (please), they certify some of their cables out to 65' at 17.8 Gbps bandwidth, so it's entirely possible. The monoprice RedMere line is rated at 10.2 Gbps which they say should be sufficient for 3D, 4K and deep color.

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I'm using a 50' cheap GE HDMI 1.3 cable with my Epson 3010 with NO issues on 3D nor anything else. Works PERFECTLY.

In fact, run is actually longer than this as the 50' cable actually connects to a Pioneer 1021 receiver and then goes out via 6' Philips cables (5 year old Sams Club specials) to my Panasonoc bluray and XBox 360.

So overall its at least a 56' run not including the path through the receiver.

BTW prior to getting the receiver, I did have the 50' cable directly between the 3010 and BluRay with no issues.

Your mileage may vary, but Ive been very happy with the result. Virtually never had a problem with the BluRay and projector syncing 3d, perhaps twice, but on both cases it appeared to be a case of the receiver being confused and doing handshaking improperly, due to the receiver and projector previously being set to the XBox 360. When I popped in a 3D BluRay, the receiver switched input to the BluRay automatically (as it is setup to do) but the BluRay didnt detect the pj supporting 3d. All I have to so is manually tell the reciever to switch to the BluRay first and I never have a problem. Probably just a timing thing.

But no issues I can attribute to the cable.

I have heard that other projectors might not do as well on such a long cable. Reportedly, the Epsons have pretty good HDMI error correction and strong signal.

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