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Bohanna's Avatar Bohanna 12:07 PM 04-22-2012
Hi all,, I am looking for the firmware for an older Ask-Proxima DP6155,,,AKA the ASK C105 AKA the infocus LP690. I went to the infocus site and the firmware version they have for the machine screwed things up big time. The projector went from a great picture to one that has a serious convergence problem,
if anyone has or knows where I can find an earlier version of the firmware could you please post the info here??
ANY help would be greatly appreciated

Many Thanks in advance


Yetanfou's Avatar Yetanfou 11:20 AM 11-21-2012
Are you still looking for this firmware? Which version did you send to the projector? I have a version called 'C105_DP6155_LP690_805280E.bin' if that helps.

Do you have the remote control to this thing? I need the remote control codes used by it, as I need to get my DP6150 (which uses the same RC) needs service (see http://www.avsforum.com/t/1439828/proxima-dp6150-ask-c100-purple-line-right-yellow-shift-left). If you have it you can extract the codes (I can help with that) so I can teach one of my PCs or phones to play-act remote control to the thing.
Bohanna's Avatar Bohanna 04:27 PM 11-21-2012
Hey Just saw this thread that I started again,

The Firmware you want for the 6150 is


I'm guessing you tried the 6155 flash and this caused a problem!

Yetanfou's Avatar Yetanfou 05:17 PM 11-21-2012
No, I did not try to flash this machine. I've just been looking for firmware files to see if I could pull them apart to find a way to get into the service menu without having the remote control. I also have the correct firmware for the 6150, but have not felt the need to update it as I don't really think the problems are caused by 'old' firmware...

The firmware binaries are obfuscated so I first have to get through that...
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