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Originally Posted by coderguy View Post

Well you can't really compare 2 projectors that don't have equalized calibrations.
I assure you the difference is there and very easily seen in a split-screen for certain content, but darker blacks are only going to be visible in specific scenes.
The JVC is much brighter than the Panny in Best Mode, that is an even bigger difference than just the black levels. The Panny struggles with brightness in a severe way when trying to maintain accurate color, but the JVC does have screwy lamps. If you cannot see much advantage, then I would just buy the Panny.

So the JVC will look better if:

They are in exactly the same type of room
Exactly the same scene (wont be true for bright/normal scenes)
You can do a split screen in the same room with both bulbs having same brightness
both are calibrated by a pro
exactly the same screen

Thats alot of ifs to see a tangible difference.
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That's pretty much true, well the JVC also is sharper on average, but it depends on convergence luck. The JVC is going to have a larger lead if comparing with a Bluray source post-calibration, beyond that most people probably wouldn't be able to tell unless you watch very specific content.

You have to realize that many of us became videophiles after owning our old projectors for years first. Someone just getting into these newer projectors are going to be blown away no matter what!

Still I often watch a projector with VERY mediocre blacks over the JVC just to give the JVC some breathing time (and I don't hate it at all).

When there are really dark movies (Harry Potter, Underworld, etc..), that JVC comes in handy. Part of it's a mental thing, I mean the difference isn't probably as BIG as some of us want to proclaim, because we also all have a tad bit of purchase justification (even if we do NOT want to admit it). That said, the JVC pops more than the Panny to me on a bluray source (I've seen the Panny's), and I much prefer the JVC for reading HTPC text as well.

However, it's all about getting lucky with convergence when it comes to sharpness no matter which LCD/LCOS you buy (I just think you have a better chance at getting better convergence with the JVC's). The JVC also comes with a convergence adjustment function that the Panny does not.

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