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I have a large living room that has lots of natural light coming in. I also have a den with a system and I am now thinking of adding a projector based system to my living room and only using it at night. I know next to nothing about projectors and the components necessary to make them work. I want a good quality 3D projector and maybe somewhere around a 100 inch retractable screen.

1. Can someone give me an idea of how much one of these projectors will run?
2. Can someone give me an idea of what other components/price I will need to make this work? I know about receivers and BLU Ray players, I'm referring to projector related equipment and mounts, etc.
3. How much for a retractable screen?
4. Even though the room gets lots of light during the day and I would only use it at night, is there any reason this is a bad idea?

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It all depends on what you want to spend. You can get a 720p 3d projector and screen for under a $1000. The more room light you have the more light you need from projector. An entry level DLP 1080p 3d projector as in the optoma HD33 or ACER h9500 are great 3d projectors if your not RBE prone and have the room for there limited placement. Good LCD are the Epson 3010 or 5010 with lense shift. The main thing with projectors is room light control (if your only using it at night with no room lights on) and mounting ( as in ceiling shelf or table) . Use the many calculaters for the different models for placement issues. most mounts are under $50 and up to 50' of HDMI cable are cheap. The price goes up with electric Tensioned screen dual projectors with passive systems $50,000 and up. Read through these forums in the price range your interested in (under $3000 or over $3000) and you'll see what the pros and cons of each is. I have less than $2000 invested in my theater and its awsome over any TV for 3 times that price. HD33,Denon 1912,120" Dalite pull down screen, PS3, panny blu ray, htpc

"Smart enough to know better, to old to care" ------ Dedicated Home Theater, Mitsubishi HC7900DW Projector, 110" 16:9 Jamestown screen with variable power masking for CIW 2.50:1 to 16:9, Marantz 7009 with 7.1.4 Atmos with Ohm mains,3 DIY Subs (2 15" (1 ported, 1 sealed and a 12" 4th order bandpass), 1 DIY butt kicker, Custom Built HTPC, 10TB DroboFS NAS
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$1500 for the projector: Epson 3010, Acer 9500, or Optoma HD33/3300. I think you can get a drop down High Power without tab-tensioning or an off-brand tab-tensioned screen for under $600. You can spend a lot more, but I wouldn't.

Here is one for $500, but I do not know about it except what it is.

Good inexpensive mounts are available on Amazon, eBay, and Tiger Direct. A decent one will cost about $50 - $70. They work fine.

Good cables can be had at

It is a really good idea to have a projector to use at night. Daytime viewing will still be possible, it just won't look as good as at night.
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i paid
pt-ar100u $1200
92" mustang electric screen 140$
kanto mount 100$
onkyo 5400 htib $450

the total came to just under 2000 my only regret is not getting a gray screen to help fight a little ambient light during the day and the mustang screen will not work with the 12v trigger on the projector it will let it drop when the projector turns on but wont roll it back up
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use the 12V to power a relay for the screen?
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You should go for a 1080p projector and then just wait on other stuff if you have to. Like buy a subwoofer later.

My setup isn't 3D, but it's also a good example of a budget HT that looks and sounds great. Not sure how important the 3D part is, but one nice thing about my setup is that the BenQ projector is an effing light canon, so there's no worry about ambient light. I like this during football season or anytime I'm watching during the day since my room isn't light controlled.

BenQ W1200 1080p projector - $900 from Amazon
Denon AVR-1602 - $220
Da-Lite 106" screen - $325
Cerwin Vega 6" bookshelf speakers on Sanus stands - $200
Energy 10.3 powered subwoofer - $199 at Newegg

I also got some BIC DV62si bookshelf speakers for $110 from Amazon, but they were lacking in midrange and mid-bass and didn't sound as natural as my old Cerwin Vega speakers.

One word of caution: while the BenQ W1200 is super bright it doesn't have lens shift so it needs to be mounted way up high on the ceiling or just sit on coffee table. You'll likely want a different projector for 3D anyway, but I wanted to mention that.

I'd look at the Optoma HD20 the HD33 or the Epson 8350 if you don't mind how much bigger it is than these other models.
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My wife and just got our home theater room setup a few weeks ago - heres the
breakdown of the costs:

Epson 8350 1080P from Amazon - $1190.
Peerless Prg Ceiling Mount from Amazon $114.
Elite Screens Sable 110" Fixed Frame Screen from Amazon $282.
JBL Cinema 300 5.1 Surround Speakers from Sears $230.
Denon AVR1612 Receiver from Sears $230.

Total $2046.

We also had to renovate the room so we had the following additional costs:
Paint for walls/ceiling $120.
Carpeting/padding $300.
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  1. Epson 8350 $1090
  2. Carada Screen $700
  3. Denon Receiver $200 (refurb)
  4. Klipsh Speakers $1100
  5. SVS Sub $600
  6. Peerless Ceiling Mount $100
  7. Cabling $75
  8. Harmony Universal Remote $100

Not a high end system but a nice, good quality, moderately priced setup.
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