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Digital Projectors - Under $3,000 USD MSRP

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This will be my first projector. I am almost set on the HC4000 and wanted 2.35:1 using the Anamorphic Research lens. That'd be around 1200 for the PJ and another $1000 for the anamorphic lens. Question: Would I be better suited spending $2300 on something else? The Panny AE4000 got me second-guessing myself, though a little out the budget I set for myself. Thanks!
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Are you a gamer?
It depends what you will be using the PJ for.

You do know that the Mits can do 2.35 without an Anamorphic lens, right?
It will just overshoot black bars onto your wall.

If NOT a gamer and you like dark scene contrast, then the JVC Rs-40 (b-stock or refurb if you find one) or RS-45, the Panny isn't really better than the Mits (Panny does darker blacks with IRIS), but each has advantages/disadvantages. The RS-45 has lens memory, but Lens Memory still draws black bars beyond screen border (but the RS-45 has such deep black levels it probably won't be noticeable unless you have really brightly painted walls).

If you are a gamer, then stick with the Mits hc4000.
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Thanks. I am not really a gamer but my source will most likely be my PS3 and I will try a few games on the big screen, but the majority of times will be BlueRay, I don't watch sports or much tv. I care nothing about 3D.

What's a reasonable price for the JVC bstock? I looked around and what I saw was a bit more than I intended to pay. I'm keeping an eye on our classifieds here as well.

My room is 13x15 with 7.5' ceiling. Planning about a 95"x40" screen, or bigger but the throw distance seems to be limiting factor. The room will be completely dark.

Thanks folks for any advice.
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Hey Jmoney3K,
I have a hc4000 in a 16'x14' room with ceilings slightly less than 8ft. I run a 2:35 set up that is approx 120' wide. The projector is mounted as far back as possible and I use a short mount, so it also as close to the ceiling as I can get it. The picture is awesome...I really suggest you get the projector and see how you like it first before shelling out almost as much for an A lens. ( I say that because I considered getting an A lens too, but honestly have no desire now after seeing the projector set up and its been about 15mos) .

I was a former CRT front projector owner who loved the blacks it could produce but was never happy with the sharpness. Now the blacks are *black enough* for my tastes, but the sharpness it MUUUUUUCCCCCCCHHH better, LOL. Hope this helps!
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Thanks MovieMike. That is very helpful and reassures me that the HC4000 is the way to go for what I'm wanting.
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Mike, what gain is your screen? I've got a 120" 2.35 black diamond 1.4 gain screen in my garage that i'm about to install. I'm a little concerned about the hc4000 being bright enough. really wish there was more 2.35 support in DLP projectors. the Mits solution seem pretty easy to implement - no motorized zoom or shift needed. are you using any keystone correction?
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Speavler, I'm using white spandex with no keystone correction (with speakers behind the screen). The front of the projector is angled upward ever so slightly. For reference, my previous screen was a Dalite model C, gain of about 1. I assume the gain of my spandex is probably less than 1, but the Mits is still plenty bright enough in my medium grey room (carpet and walls) with black ceiling and black screenwall. You should be good to go with a 1.4 gain screen.
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I had a BenQ W6000 with an Anamorphic Research lens. When they first came out, they didn't come with the chromatic aberration lens (mind you, they were a lot less expensive) so I bought it and I find it to be pretty fantastic. With the lens you get to keep all the brightness but get a larger scope screen. And you don't have to worry about black bars going beyond your screen borders like the AE4000 or the Mits if you don't buy the lens. I have no means of quantifying the loss of sharpness when using the A-lens, but I would say it is around 10-15%. That said, it is still amazingly sharp using a dlp projector and you get the benefit of having a bright screen without the loss of lumens due to zooming. You can get better lenses, but damn you will pay for it and, if you're like me, you will be perfectly happy with the AR lens.

Cool thing is, you can keep the lens and use it for other projectors. My Benq died and I bought an Optoma HD3300. It has an anamorphic mode which amazingly also works for 3D with my A-lens. Like you, I had no interest in 3D, either, but I figured I'd get a 3D projector anyway. Turns out, I find 3D to be so ridiculously awesome I anxiously wait for good 3D movies to come out on Blu-Ray. Watching Transformers 3 in scope on a 12' screen is nothing short of spectacular. So, don't toss out the idea of 3D if you haven't seen it on a DLP projector. Trust me, it's way, way better than the theater. Anyway, my 0.02. Happy pj hunting.
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Thanks blaster
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