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eazye84's Avatar eazye84 12:47 PM 12-28-2014
i just bought this projector and with proper calibration i have never seen a better image coming from any 1080p projector

3d is amazing no cross talk at all under any circumstance

colors are amzingly vivid and blacks are awesome when setting brightness 35 and under.

very happy with purchase

just curious if anyone has been able to make a inf for 720p 3d or if its even possible.

basically i need help with 3d and getting 720p 3d

cohete's Avatar cohete 08:14 PM 12-28-2014
Just got this projector at christmas, was wondering what people were using for ceiling mounting. The small tripod screw hole is off center and does not seem to properly distribute the weight, I found a camera ceiling mount with the right screw thread but am worried about long term mounting from it. Does it need maybe a bracing arm to distribute the torque from the mounting screw being off center? Or can the casing hold up long term without one.

I second your thoughts easye84, I've never had a projector before and am absolutely amazed at the image quality of this tiny little thing, using a 100" pull down screen here.
Zorba922 05:28 PM 01-18-2015
My apologies if this question has been asked before, but I didn't want to plow through all 10 pages of this thread:

What are the differences between this PB60 and the PB63? Is there a significant performance upgrade, or just minor tweaks/features?
antsinmypants 11:09 AM Today
Thanks espetodesardina, due to your input on this thread and great photos I've just ordered this projector. I had been very confused about which pj to buy and this appears to be the best choice for my needs. My question now is what size screen to buy? 106" 16:9 or 120" 16:9? It appears that the pj can handle a little more than 106" in a darkened room. Is this correct? Is 106" the maximum size? Are there any issues by projecting 106" image on a 120" screen? Sorry for newbie questions but I really don't have a clue, this will be my first projector setup.
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