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Sailor Bill's Avatar Sailor Bill 10:12 AM 08-05-2012

I need a new lamp for my Panasonic Ae700u and after doing some searching I have found a couple of sources that are NOT recommended but none that are. My first replacement was purchased from a guy in Tokyo and it was a great experience but the price was still over $200. Some advertise OEM but I think they are stretching things beause they buy the bulb from one of the name brand bulb manufacturers but not necessarily the source that the projector manufacturer used.

Since this will be the third lamp and it seems like just a short time before LED lamps are available, I don't want to spend any more than necessary as I will soon want to upgrade. My initial impulse is to buy from Projectorlampsource at a price of $158. Does anyone have a btter recommendation or thoughts? Thank you.

monakh's Avatar monakh 12:16 PM 08-05-2012
I am also wondering about this. When the lamp on my Epson 705HD died after just 2500 hours, I just bought the Acer K330 because I couldn't find the replacement bulb at a decent price. So now it is sitting there collecting dust. Can anyone a good source for genuine lamps?
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