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KMR's Avatar KMR 09:05 PM 09-18-2012
Right now my projector is sitting on two boxes in addition to my normal coffee table. I need something around 3 feet tall.

Does anyone have a recommendation?

Sonyad's Avatar Sonyad 10:36 PM 09-18-2012
Barstool, microwave cart, bench, tripod? Perfect time to browse Goodwill for some kind of stand. Browse every department of Target or Walmart for anything that might meet your height requirements.

Flipping through the IKEA catalog, I see a MALM occasion table that's about 29 inches tall without the casters.
jnabq's Avatar jnabq 10:37 PM 09-18-2012
Take a look at some plant stands. If you have a Hobby Lobby near, they carry several.
airscapes's Avatar airscapes 06:41 AM 09-19-2012
Got any friends or family that are handy with wood? I use and accent table which is about 22" tall but 36" is kind of tall, that is just a little higher than standard counter top height.
How big a screen do you have and how far off the floor? What kind of projector? If it is LCD and has lens shift, remove the boxes and use the lens shift, that is why it is there.
rgtaa's Avatar rgtaa 08:45 AM 09-19-2012
yeah, sounds like a fun project.
Now you could make a rolling cart or rolling cabinet /nightstand type thing, or 2 or 3 shelves on wheels, and you could put PJ on top of cart-thing, and 360, ps3, blu ray player on lower shelves, and wheel the PJ to center of room when needed , or off into the closet or against wall when not needed. You got possibilities.
Or cover table with nice colored material that matches the room/carpet/walls/ and place the PJ on top.
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