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Help with HTPC 3D please!

So after spending some time with the W1070, I can say, I love it!
Now I am working on getting the best IQ I can get from my HTPC.
So far, with SVP and Madvr using new scripts it is damn amazing.
One catch though... while, SVP is awesome, my problem is, most animation movies are in 3D which I love with my BenQ W1070 projector so I am stuck between 3D and getting the smooth motion of SVP.
I have not found a way to use Bluray 3D ISOs with SVP since SVP does not play with PowerDVD or similar.

If I were to use a 3D MKV or similar file then I could load it into MPC to use SVP BUT for some reason, my 3D looks all weird with objects not correctly placed so I am sort of forced into only ripping to ISO so far.
Basically my perfect setup for 3D will be using SVP to achieve 48 or 60frames for animated movies where the extra fluid motion is very nice.
Any help is appreciated!

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I'm pretty sure I'm about to pick up the HT1085ST, which I know is only a little bit better pic quality than the w1070. I have a Mitsubishi WD-82740 DLP tv now that I've been happy with picture quality and 3d-wise. My question is this, is the BenQ W1070/HT1085ST as good as or better picture quality-wise and 3D-wise as my Mits dlp tv? I can't seem to find much comparision or the likes between a nice DLP tv and nice DLP Projector. I'd really like some feedback on this. Not trying to thread high-jack but just use this same one as it's about the projector in question. Thanks so much,

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Originally Posted by AV_Integrated View Post
My idea is that their existing projector is not getting VGA, but component video through that VGA connection. It either breaks out to a 3-wire component cable, or is just run over VGA. I find it very unlikely that if hooked up to HD sources it is being converted from component video to VGA.

Still, you need to look at the full chain.
What sources are there (make/model)?
What connection is being made to those sources? Component video? VGA? Composite?
What A/V receiver is in use?
Is there a scaler in line between the sources and the projector? (make/model)

No offense, but 'high priced' customization companies should make it so that complex systems work properly and don't have long term headaches. The guys who know what they are doing come out and make a system work on the first try and then that system lasts for years. So, while you may be able to do them same, and you certainly could buy them a remote and program it, at the end of the day, they may have been using this system for years, and it still works well for them, which makes it worth some amount of money to have a truly reliable A/V system.

It should be noted, that an A/V professional who would come out to your home would tell you immediately why that VGA connection isn't working.

But, dig into it and let us know what connections are actually in use. Perhaps hook a component directly up to the projector.

Is there a HDMI cable in place between the head end and the projector already? What is the game plan to deal with HD video in a DHCP world?
Thanks for the response, AV Integrated.

I think you're right about them sending Component. I took some photos of it. It's definitely RGB into VGA, why would they do that, and how would that affect what I'm trying to do (Send that same VGA connection into the Benq)?

The feed is still the feed, right?

The VGA is connected by 3x BNC adapters, but the component cables are only female, no male, so I'd likely have to run over to get some BNC to RCA adaptors. Doubtful at this time of night

There are 2x HDMI cables spitting out of the in-house wiring, but they're not hot so I can't tie into them. The only thing set up is the dumb VGA/Component thing. No idea what the chain is from there.

I'm looking for a temporary solution, they have these people coming out in January to fix the front door security camera so they can re-do the HDMI and program the remote no problem. My parents have more dollars than sense. They have an Apple TV V1 plugged into it, but can't put in a new one without paying $120/hour for them to come replace it.

It's madness.

I will take pictures when I have a second!

SIDE NOTE, would an HDMI to VGA adapter work on this?
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Benq W1070 1080p 3d Projector
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