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It looks like 1.05 on W1080ST is the same at 1.08 on W1070. Hopefully if I end up buying a new W1080ST it'll be all set.

Tim S.
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Does anyone have any recommended settings for gaming on a ps4 with this projector?
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Originally Posted by Luis Gabriel Gerena View Post
So now you can do 1080 60Hz with those files or still 24Hz?
I always wanted to try getting 60Hz to use the SVP (smooth motion) for 60fps option with MPC or similar but never got the HSBS to work , just weird output.
Sorry for the late reply, just saw this message.

Yes, I am able to select 3D SBS while the media player output / projector input is 1080p 60Hz as long as it is also RGB (Roku 3 is RGB by default)
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Originally Posted by richard plumb View Post

This projector is way too bright in my small room - not light controlled and a 92" screen, bright scenes when the nights are off make you squint. Also the blacks aren't great.

So I got a Hoya HmC 72mm ND2 filter and a Cokin 67-72mm adapter. But they don't fit. The 72mm won't fit inside the lens surround, and the 67mm seems way too small, like it wants to be further in to get a grip, but can't because of the 72mm

Does anyone have any pictures of how their 67mm is mounted?
I will take a picture of mine this evening and post. I used a 67mm filter and it sets in nicely and hold it in place with adhesive putty.
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Nicely done. You can't even tell it'a there.
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Installed the projector over the weekend. I can say that I was blown away with the performance! I am coming from an old 480P Infocus 4805 PJ, which has been great to me. I have had it for 9 years, and after a few fixes I made to it, it was still going strong. Albeit HD left a lot to be desired. But say no more!

I watched a couple of movies on Netflix, and the difference of 1080P content is obviously shocking. I have not touched a single setting yet on the PJ yet, except to put the lamp in Eco mode, which is plenty bright for my 106" screen. This was my biggest worry, I wanted a bright PJ, and this one does not disappoint.

I do have to say though that regular DVD's look crappy. I guess a 1080P machine can only do so much with 480P content. May be you all have tips for this. Also, if there are any recommended settings for Cinema/standard modes, please do share. I don't have a calibration disk yet, and may just go with the generally accepted/tested settings.

I also am annoyed with how the projector sound comes on after every on/off cycle, even when I muted it previously. Is that something that is part of the user 1 profile settings? How can I have the PJ remember the mute setting?

Also, the center of the lens ended being around at 8.25" from ceiling for me. My screen is at 15.75" from ceiling, so I had to use the full lens shift, and the image was still about 5 inches above the screen. I had to tilt the PJ a bit to get the image perfectly squared up to the screen. Just an FYI for folks, as I had quite a discussion before the installation and was certain that I would not need to tilt the PJ, but then may be it was not lined up straight to begin with, may be it was pointing up before. Don't know.
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Calibration yet to be done on this other than using some of the starting points found on the web. Bright scenes looked great but wow are dark scenes disappointing. I can deal with the grayish blacks as I realize what I get with a projector of this level...but is it possible to make these blacks and shadow detail better?

I was using the finale of "Edge of Tomorrow" as a test and could barely see a thing. My room has no light at all, dark walls, and the screen is Seymour av white 1.2 gain.

I don't have any pro gear to use...any tips on which software or test disc to use to get the dark scenes actually more than a dark blob?
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Well Dark Blob could be a few things...bad settings like under HDMI Format: Auto/PC Signal/Video Signal. You could be crushing blacks and whites depending on what your source is sending to your projector so try that.
Also under the Gamma settings see if you have it set to 2.8 and if so, try 2.4
Also, if I am not mistaken, if you are running the latest firmware, the settings that have been posted from Sound and Vision could be way off. I know on mine, I changed back to defaults and then used my own settings and the image is stunning to say the least.
I am sure others will be able to offer more advice.

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