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nthydro's Avatar nthydro 11:11 AM 11-24-2012
I just ordered a BenQ W710ST. Initially I wanted the Optoma GT750 but the W710ST was too good a deal ($530) to pass up. I wanted the GT750 for the simplicity (3D compatibility out the box w/ xbox, ps3, blu ray player).

From what I understand (based on my limited knowledge), the 3D on the W710ST only works using a computer with Nvidia graphics card. So if I want to do 3D on xbox, ps3, and blu ray player I'd have to buy an Optoma 3DXL, correct?

My questions is will there be any issues/limitations if I used the W710ST with the 3DXL? And will the fact that the W710ST is only hdmi 1.3 make any difference? From what I gathered, the only difference between hdmi 1.3 vs 1.4 is the ARC support right? I don't really need that...I think.

Thanks for your help!

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