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vanlutz's Avatar vanlutz 05:45 PM 11-30-2012
I have everything set up and I love it (as I mentioned in my other post). But, when you have something like this, you want the largest screen possible.

I'm cleaning up the room and an idea came to me. Will this work, or is it bad for the projector?

I have the Epson 5010.

This projector needs ventilation around all sides. I called Epson and they told me 8" each side. That's no problem.

In the room I'm working in there's a closet. The door is about 25" wide, the interior is well over 3' - 4' wide, and at least 4 feet deep.

As long as I keep everything back a foot or so on each side, can I put the projector in the closet?

Am I correct in assuming with the door open the ventilation will be the same as in the room?

By putting it just in or peeking out the closet I gain an additional 2' throw which will give me about a 9' wide screen. Right now I'm at 7' 5".

The closet idea also gives me better space for chairs.

What do you think?


Mrke1's Avatar Mrke1 06:06 PM 11-30-2012
Can you test it out for a while? Here's what I would do, temporarly place it in the closet where you want it. Let it run for about an hour. If the closet is noticeably warmer than the adjacent room, then you do risk shortening the life span of your projector and it's lamp. Given the price of the projector, I would error on the side of caution.
vanlutz's Avatar vanlutz 09:44 PM 11-30-2012
Thanks. Sometimes my mind goes so fast I don't step back and think everything through.

On the other side of the room is the door into the hallway. If I put it there I'm all around good because it's a hallway. I just have to get a cart with wheels so I don't have to pick up and move the projector each time I want to use it. For the nights I want to watch a movie with the door closed I'll just use it within the room from the door. I forsee a lot of double features. On the really good nights a triple.

I put it at the doorway and the screen took up the entire wall + the window. So, now I don't even have to fully use the zoom for the screen.

It's all good.