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Dutch Oven's Avatar Dutch Oven 05:03 PM 12-02-2012
Hey folks,
I have had this LG projector for 5 months and I love it but I have been noticing dust collecting inside the lenses of the projector, every month there is more. Is this normal? or is there maybe a crack in the casing somewhere inside? Any feedback would be great.


Sheridan1952's Avatar Sheridan1952 05:16 PM 12-02-2012
ANY crack, opening, seam in the projector case, even the input connectors, is place for dust to get inside. Every projector has at least 2 fans, some have as many as 4. So that's a lot of air movement and the fans will draw air from wherever they can. So...is this normal? Yes. Should you be concerned? ONLY if the dust interferes with the image, which it usually doesn't if it's on the main lens. Why? Because the dust is not in the plane of focus and therefore, not visible in the image. If you see any "dust bunnies" or similar anomalies in your image, the dust is inside the projector on the INTERNAL optics, which means you have to open the projector to clean it. So if you don't see it in the image, ignore it.
Dutch Oven's Avatar Dutch Oven 11:37 PM 12-02-2012
Ok i really appreciate the reply, im not sure as to whether or not it's on the main lens or deeper down. I can see dust on the second lens not the outer lens. However its not yet affecting the picture like you were asking
Sheridan1952's Avatar Sheridan1952 05:21 AM 12-03-2012
If you can see it looking into the lens, then it is in the main lens assembly and not a concern. And as you said, it isn't in the image.
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