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tiguej's Avatar tiguej 06:48 PM 12-30-2012
The 3 that were recommended by my HT consultant were:

DLAX30 JVC-3D D-ILA Projector
V11H527020 Epson-Powerlite Home Cinema Full HD 3D 3 LCD Projector
VPL-HW30ES Sony Home Cinema Projector

The screen they recommened was a TBF106BD14 Screen Innovations - Black Diamond 106" Fixed Projection Screen.

I have about 12-20 feet to mount my projector from the screen.



coderguy's Avatar coderguy 03:17 PM 12-31-2012
These are all last year's models. There is no "best" projector. Are you viewing the projector in Ambient light, if not there is no reason to spend that kind of money on a black diamond screen.

I would look at the Sony hw50 (newer version of hw30) if you are into 3D at all, if you do no 3D, then the JVC RS-46 or RS-48/4810...

See the shootout thread here:
tiguej's Avatar tiguej 01:21 AM 01-01-2013

I do have 2 windows in that room. One large picture window on the wall right next to where my screen will be and one smaller window across the room (25') from the screen. That is why they recommended the BD screen. 3D would be nice as I think there will be more 3D movies coming out in 2013 and it would be nice to have the option. Movies, gaming and sports will all be part of my setup. I will take a look at the Sony hw50. Being new to the HT scene and recommendations on screens would be helpful.

Thanks again for you response. It is appreciated.

mbrennem's Avatar mbrennem 09:08 AM 01-01-2013

Even Black Diamond is not going to help with a large picture window right next to the screen wall, unless you have light control on that window, or only watch at night with very little light coming in from outside. Spend the money on good light control window coverings instead.
tiguej's Avatar tiguej 10:28 AM 01-01-2013
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