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rsmith4321's Avatar rsmith4321 09:11 AM 01-11-2013
I know this projector can support full range rgb. I've found the setting to switch between auto, full, and limited rgb. However nothing I try seems to let full range rgb work properly. I have an xbox 360, ps3, and htpc and I've tried setting them all to full range rgb and it just causes the blacks to be crushed. On my htpc I can test this really well, if I use full range instead of limited rgb and bring up a monitor test pattern, everything in the darker blacks will not be visible. I've tried manually switching between auto, full and limited in the pj settings and it makes no difference. I've researched and can't figure out what I'm doing wrong. Is this a bug with the projector or something else. I've had my hdmi cable for a while although it's high quality, I doubt it was rated for hdmi 1.4, could this be the problem? It seems like if it was it just wouldn't send the signal at all. Thanks for the help,.

rsmith4321's Avatar rsmith4321 11:36 PM 01-29-2013
Does no one have an idea why full range rgb doesn't work on this projector? I was searching again tonight and my question is the only Google result. I've even tried a new hdmi cable. No matter what I do the projector will crush and black or whites out of the studio rgb range. The setting in the projector seems to make no difference. Is this a firmware issue?
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