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byThorbyOdin's Avatar byThorbyOdin 01:21 PM 01-17-2013
Well noob kinda. I've gone through this rigmarole once before and given up - lets see if this time's a bit better. I'm looking for a HT projector that goes in my living room - no options for darkening windows or putting in extra heavy curtains w/o a riot act read from the missus. Last time I tried (a couple years or more ago) there were just no options to handle the ambient light in the room - I live in Oregon so there isn't "bright: light ever but even so. With the updated technology I'm hoping for better luck this time around. Are there any projectors that fit this scenario and are reasonably priced?

kmannth's Avatar kmannth 01:30 PM 01-17-2013
Got ask about this in the screens section first. I know there are some expensive screens that might give you a chance.

There are more lumen now than before (look at the w7000)

I travel with an 80inch white screen to uncontrolled light places from time to time. I have (bulb life and modes considers) 800-1000 lumens and it is not even close to enough to use during most days at the Oregon Coast.

Maybe with a dark screen and more lumens you could have something you can live with but I don't consider my travel setup usable during the day.

Have you looked into the 80 inch LCD and big Rear Projection TVs?
rekbones's Avatar rekbones 02:30 PM 01-17-2013
No matter what the tech no image will be any darker then the screen is with the projector off. More lumens will make it brighter to up the contrast. For a large screen I would look at the Mits RPTV before they are gone for good
Sheridan1952's Avatar Sheridan1952 02:59 PM 01-17-2013
Projectors just cannot compete with bright, ambient light. If you can't control the environment then you should really consider a flat panel.
wyen78's Avatar wyen78 09:18 AM 01-18-2013
I would think that with all the different kinds of window treatments out there you and your wife could come to some compromise that would work well and look good too. I mean, how obtrusive is a pull down shade? It can go behind the drapes, just pull it down when using the projector and have it rolled up behind your current window treatments when not using the projector.
byThorbyOdin's Avatar byThorbyOdin 11:00 AM 01-19-2013
Problem is there is an open connecting doorway to a room with skylights. This was not for lack of trying smile.gif
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