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RiderCoach84's Avatar RiderCoach84 12:47 AM 01-19-2013
I just bought a Casio XJ-140a, and am in the process of getting it set up with my home theater, but am running into some hiccups. I was running an hdmi from the cable box to the projector, and after about ten minutes, it lost the hdmi signal. I am far from a pro, but I am thinking possibly the projector is not HDCP compliant? Your thoughts? Here's what I did...

First off, I have two cable boxes, both the same kind. I ran hdmi from the other cable box. Did not work.
Then I used a different hdmi cable. No dice.
I used those same hdmi cables to connect a laptop, and blue ray/receiver to the projector, and those work just fine.

I connected the cable box to an hdtv via the same hdmi, no issues.

So it seems the hdmi cables are working fine on other devices, and the projector is receiving input from the laptop and blue ray/receiver, but is not receiving input from the cable box.

The cable box is communicating with the hdtv via hdmi.

I am stumped. Any input is appreciated. Thanks.

DaGamePimp's Avatar DaGamePimp 01:07 AM 01-19-2013
Just something to try...

From what I recall the casio accepts a max resolution of 1600x1200 so while the cable box is hooked to the HDtv try changing the output resolution to 720p and then re-connect to the casio.

It's possible your pc and blu ray player are getting the EDID info correct and sending an accepted resolution, the cable box may be attempting to send 1080p if it is capable.

Best of luck,

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