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zerobahamat's Avatar zerobahamat 09:29 PM 01-23-2013
Hello! So I received this projector from a friend and have been trying to repair it myself. I am very familiar with computer parts but projectors are somewhat foreign to me. From what I can understand I am having a convergence (Thanks for the correction) issue. I have tried opening the projector and cleaning the lens and lcd glass with compressed air. I am at a loos and really need help trying to fix this. Here is an image of the issue:

btw this is the lcd glass part I attempted to clean:

Lastly here is an image of the inside of the projector with nothing removed:

It seems that the blue is misaligned. If anyone has any ideas please let me know I will try anything at this point.

zerobahamat's Avatar zerobahamat 06:10 PM 01-24-2013
can anyone help me out with this or offer advice? Please!!
Sheridan1952's Avatar Sheridan1952 06:36 PM 01-24-2013
The word you're looking for is "Convergence", not Conversion. Those LCD panels are fixed in place at the factory and are not adjustable. Even if it was adjustable, you would have to have the special harness and jigs and the alignment would be done while the projector is on. It would appear that either it's been dropped or it was out of convergence just a fraction of a pixel (which is normal) and someone mucked about inside and made things worse. Sorry, you're stuck.
zerobahamat's Avatar zerobahamat 07:27 PM 01-24-2013
yeah the projector was dropped by my friend thats actually the reason he did not want it...awh well guess thats that. Thanks for the advice and some knowledge
LavaASU's Avatar LavaASU 02:37 AM 01-29-2013
Technically that's not fixable. Realistically it might be depending on how much time you want to throw at it and how brave you are. I have fixed convergence on two units with non-adjustable panels-- one because it was banged and the other because I had to take apart a bunch of the optics to do a repair. If I had that one I'd say there is about an 80-90% chance I could fix it.

With that large of a convergence issue the metal frame holding the panels is almost certainly bent-- it will have to be bent back to fix it. It can be done but is risky and almost certainly will involve working in a live operating unit.
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