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mastermaybe's Avatar mastermaybe 09:25 AM 02-18-2013
Hi all:

Finally purchased my first PJ, a Panasonic Pt AR 100u. In will be a in a VERY bright living room for a good spell, and with the wife already not very excited (imagine that, lol) the last thing I wanted to have was that dim "projector look". It will hang right in front of my Kuro, with a VD of 10-12'.

Well with 2000+ lumens in a decent dynamic mode and about 800 in a calibrated cinema/rec709 here's to hopin I have PLENTY of them onboard to handle some of the toughest ambient light...this is with a throw of just 12' feet and a light gray (SW 7071 grey screen) 84" screen, to boot.

But this brings up a question...

I've had a rather informed member caution me that the PJ may actually be TOO bright for my room, distance and screen size, reasoning that I'll be at near 40 ft lamberts in the calibrated mode, alone.

Well, what I'm missing is that I've read a few times that my Kuro sits at about 37-41 lamberts when dialed in and it NEVER seems to be too bright for my room...actually does pretty darn well in my bright room, so long as sunlight isn't bouncing right off the screen.

So what gives? Is 40 lamberts too bright with the LARGer screen size (actually almost exactly DOUBLE the size of the Kuro) of the PJ or will I be ok, just as I am with my plasma...even in the dark?

Honestly, I'm a bit excited to even have a potential "brightness problem".

Eventually this will go in a more dedicated space with a much larger screen, so I think this issue will take care of itself, but I'd just like to have an idea.

thanks a bunch,


DaGamePimp's Avatar DaGamePimp 09:55 AM 02-18-2013

Based upon what I am seeing in that pic you should not have an issue of 'too much' when properly calibrated. If anything you will likely have some degree of wash-out even with the grey screen.

Just remember to not expect that pj to match your Kuro on image quality, it will just be more fun. biggrin.gif

mastermaybe's Avatar mastermaybe 10:01 AM 02-18-2013
Yes, the kuro vs PJ what's that they say, QUANTITY has a QUALITY all it's own. biggrin.gif

I can block much of that light, thankfully.

mastermaybe's Avatar mastermaybe 11:26 AM 02-18-2013
My real question remains:

What is the fundamental difference between 40 ftl's on a 60" PDP vs 40ftl's on an 84" projector screen?

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