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Digital Projectors - Under $3,000 USD MSRP

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03-15-2013 | Posts: 9
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I really did not want to post another, "help me pick a projector" thread but I'm so close to pulling the trigger I need some validation.

I've been going back and forth over the past few weeks trying to decide on how I want to upgrade my existing HT setup. I've reviewed Coderguy's awards post. But my main issue arose playing with the projector central calculator -- I seem to almost always fall out of the recommended brightness range with DLP or LCOS projectors. LCD is out due to the viewing time issues constraints. My Runco is on regularly for 5+ hour sessions and from what I've read re: LCD, its not ideal for that scenario.

The most I'm willing to spend is about the cost of a JVC RS-46 (or 45... much difference?) But spending less would allow me to invest more towards the Maggies I've always wanted!! The BenQ w1070 is obviously really attractive but the zoom seems not ideal for my scenario.

  1. Sufficient Brightness for 16.5ft throw and 120"+ screen.
  2. 2D Film and Animation
  3. 2D HDTV
  4. Day/Night Flexibility
  5. RS232/USB/Ethernet remote option
  6. Either CIH support, or motorized zoom
  7. 3D

Current setup:
  • Projector: Runco VX-4000d
  • Throw Distance: 16.5 ft
  • Screen Size: 129" Diagonal
  • Screen Type: Fixed, floating, dual layer spandex; white over black (Hancock Fabrics)
  • Seating: Appx 12ft from screen.

Crappy iPhone 4s shots of the current setup:

Just before Sunset:

Night Shot:

Side Notes:
Dual Projector setup is definitely on the table... I would just keep the Runco and use it for HDTV as there aren't any 1080p broadcasts anyways and 100% of the guests/laypeople in my home have assumed its 1080, even at 130", but at around 80lbs its a real beast/eyesore. I also have an Optoma H76, but its currently collecting dust due to the extremely short lamp life/issues.

I can increase the throw distance, but not decrease. Expanding the screen size or reducing it by a few inches isn't a problem.

The projector is actually mounted in the master bedroom and projecting through the wall (hence the throw constraint). I really want to keep this setup; no need for a hushbox and the bedroom has high-end air filtration and humidity control.

Not opposed to used.

Help! biggrin.gif
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03-16-2013 | Posts: 9
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I'm looking at the Casio XJ-M255 Hybrid LED/Laser projector for daytime/tv viewing and a JVC RS-40 for night/1080p movie content. I should be able to aquire both for under $3k. Thoughts?
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