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vanrags's Avatar vanrags 09:26 PM 04-08-2013
The Home Theatre is ready !. But the most critical components are missing. Wanted to get some advice on choosing a projector and screen for the room.

Here are the dimensions:

The distance between the power jack for the projector to screen: 158 inches
The size of the wall for the screen: 160 " wide X 54 " tall (it is taller, buit I have the center speaker mounted there)

I am looking at the following:

BenQ W1070
Optomo HD33

Screen: Jamestown 100 "

Please let me know....

Thanks !

SimpleTheater's Avatar SimpleTheater 01:50 PM 04-09-2013
As an owner of an Optoma, I find their products are unreliable. Mine was sent back twice in less than three years. I know that all company's have problems, but do some research on AVS and I think you'll find Optoma's are the worst. That said, my sister has an Optoma and never a problem. Regardless, I'd rec'd the BenQ.
tucsondave's Avatar tucsondave 03:35 PM 04-09-2013
If you can hold off for a few weeks you might want to check out the Optoma HD25-LV.
I own the HD33 but am looking at the 25 for the increased brightness and contrast.
Also longer lamp life since it uses a Philips lamp rather than Osram.
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