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howletus 04-12-2013 08:13 AM

A local HT dealer is selling their demo 6010 for $2188 I think. It has 1700 hours. It comes with 3 year warranty, replacement bulb, mount, and all the extras that a new 6010 would normally come with. I was looking at the Sony VPL-HW50ES but I might consider this 6010. I'm not sure how much more they will come down. The last few posts in this owners forum about reliability issues and multiple replacements has me worried.

Any unbiased opinions are greatly appreciated. A new Sony would obviously be at least $1000 more. This is my first projector. I haven't decided on a screen yet. I will get a projector first and experiment to decide on screen size / aspect ratio for my room.
What concerns might I have with a used 6010. Are there particular things I should ask about or look at while their demo unit is still hooked up? They have it on a 92" black diamond screen that is also on sale.

Hopefully someone will respond to this.


k2ue 04-12-2013 08:29 AM

The biggest problem with complex electronics is "infant mortality" -- failure within the first hours of use. Since that projector is well past that point, and the one degrading part, the lamp, would be replaced (insist on a real Epson lamp!), if the optics look clean (inspect the air filter for too-long-between changes) I would take the deal. Buy two fresh air fiters to alternate, and clean them with 90% rubbing alchohol when removed. For typical home environments you should get about 6 months on a filter for 1000 lamp hours per year.

The above are my opinions only (excepting infant mortality, which is well known in electronics manufacturing). YMMV.

Craig Peer 04-18-2013 11:10 AM

Seems like a lot of money for a projector with 1700 hours on it. I think we still have a 5010 ( same projector more or less ) available - give me a call.

MississippiMan 04-18-2013 11:38 AM

I tend to agree with k2ue's assessment. The 6010 is a Pro model, and comes with all the goodies. The Extra Lamp "IS" an Epson, as it came included...it did not require any voucher. The Mount is one of Chief's best...so there is that to consider as well.

And...if it's sold with a full Warranty out the door, then the original Bulb is also covered by the 3 Year pro Warranty.

That's a lot to love there...and very little to worry about.

The only real question...after 6 days, is this all moot?

Craig Peer 04-18-2013 12:02 PM

Good points all MississippiMan. At least with a full warranty if there is an issue, it's covered.

jnabq 04-18-2013 02:49 PM

The OP had posted in the 5010/6010 thread and responded a few days ago, http://www.avsforum.com/t/1377321/official-epson-powerlite-home-cinema-5010-6010-thread/2970#post_23199630

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