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Ricardo Santos 04-27-2013 01:40 PM

Hi everybody.
I´m new here, i´m portuguese , so i´m sorry if i write with some errors.
I´d like to know if the Viewsonic vp3d1 can do 3d via hdmi on my Acer k330. I´m trying to read all posts about this but it´s confusing me, so i hope you can help me.

jnabq 04-28-2013 09:01 PM

It seems it will not work or may require a hdmi spoof device. http://www.avsforum.com/t/1344147/acer-k330-led-1280x800/750#post_22181545

"It seems that the reason that the ML500 and K330 do not work with either the VP3D1 or 3D-XL is because of the EDID (extended display identification data) written in the eeprom. The data written in the eeprom is not letting the converter know that it can display 3D, so the converter will not output 3D. The HDFury has been used with both of these projectors to display 3D at 1280x720P, 120Hz. So that tells us they are capable. You might be able to use a spoof device like a Gefen HDMI detective or a DR. HDMI."

But the hdfury might work, but it seems to requires different "dip switch" settings for different content resolutions.


HDFury thread

Acer K330 thread

Ricardo Santos 04-29-2013 11:47 AM

Thanks for your help.

Tell just one more thing, please.
As i understand the 3dfury it´s an adapter to connect via VGA and transform the signal to HD, is that?
Sorry but i really dont understand too much of this.

jnabq 04-30-2013 02:35 PM

Output: Digital HDMI / DVI-D and/or VGA FEMALE output connector, 10 bit analog resolution.

The support forum is here.

Yogarine 05-11-2013 12:23 PM

Hey Ricardo, thought you'd like to know this:

I own an Acer K330 myself, and after a lot of Googling around I decided to order a YouTing V3D-P (http://youting-hd.com/eproductshow.asp?id=850&sid=267&m=6&n=1)
from aHappyDeal.com (http://www.ahappydeal.com/product-105577.html) for $95.25.

It arrived after a few weeks (shipped from Fiji all the way to the Netherlands) and am glad to say it works perfectly with my Acer K330! I have tried it with my PS3, HD Cable Media Box and my Raspberry Pi (playing back HSBS) and it converts all possible 3D formats without any problem.

You will want to make sure you get some decent HDMI 1.4 cables though. It seems the V3D-P is a bit picky when it comes to cables.

So basically, for $100 you can start watching/playing 3D on you Acer K330. :-)

bhaveshbhatia 07-26-2013 11:43 AM

Dear Yogarine,

Took your advice and ordered one for my K330 projector (thanks!) - just got it yesterday. How do I get 2D to 3D conversion for my regular HD TV channels? Also, how do you play with your Xbox or PS3 - I connected my Xbox to it and all I got was a side by side screen in the 2d to 3d mode....

Yogarine 02-28-2014 04:09 AM


Sorry for the late reply, but just in case you didn't get it working or anyone else needs help getting it to work.

The remote control lets you set various conversion mode, either to DLP 3D or to normal 3D signal.
For 2D to 3D conversion you choose the 2D button on the DLP 3D side. (Can't remember the controller very well because the first thing I did was set it up in my Logitech Harmony.)
3D for the Xbox or PS3 works automatically if you set it to "bypass" first. (The normal mode where it doesn't mess with the HDMI signal.)

Also, depending on how good your cables are it can happen that the K330 loses the HDMI signal sync (not 3D sync, but it just doesn't understand the HDMI signal anymore and just shows the Acer logo). In that case just hit the resync button on the remote.

As for me, I'm still using this little magic box all the time for my 3D movies and games, and still works perfectly. :-) I still recommend it to anyone who wants to try out 3D on his DLP Link projector.

antowen 03-01-2014 03:48 AM

Originally Posted by Yogarine View Post

I still recommend it to anyone who wants to try out 3D on his DLP Link projector.

Thanks for the info, Yogarine: I've been thinking about getting a V3D-P for ages, so this is useful information.

antowen 03-15-2014 08:52 AM

My V3D-P arrived from China (dx.com) the other day. I'm paring this with 3Active 3D DLP Glasses bought from Amazon.co.uk (I'm quite pleased with the glasses by the way, as they haven't lost sync yet, even when looking away from the screen).

So far, I've watched Dredd and Prometheus and I've been pleased with both. Some scenes in Prometheus were a little dark, but I adjusted the "user" brightness setting and increased both brightness and contrast a few notches above default and it was fine. I'm projecting onto onto a white/grey painted (satin finish) wall, about 60" across corners.

As mentioned above, the K330 may have a few sync issues, but it'll work eventually. I've always had sync issues with this projector to be honest, even using very short HDMI cables, so was expecting the worst. Prometheus 3D root menu and continue options were probably the most troublesome, but the picture was fine, although I did see some slight colour banding on some very bright colours (e.g. white smoke/clouds), but not enough to be worried about - this happens sometimes with 2D too.

As a general rule, when resync doesn't work for me, I have to switch inputs to something that shows one of the projector's own screens (e.g. SD or RAM etc), then back to HDMI. It's almost as though the projector crashes and happens most when switching between 24p modes. This behaviour is independent of V3D-P, so is no better or worse when it is attached.

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