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BMCreider's Avatar BMCreider 12:47 PM 04-28-2013
Originally I had an InFocus IN26+ business type XGA DLP projector. For some strange reason, no matter the settings, the greens were too bright. Greens that you might see in, say, the green grinning smiley >>> biggrin.gif <<<< would be flourescent / neon green looking. Obviously brighter than the rest of the colors around it.

I had it hooked up via VGA to a computer, and no matter the color space or temperature it would do this.

2 months ago I bought an InFocus X10, 1080p, home theater DLP projector - refurbished - on eBay.

It has the exact same green color issue. It is hooked up via HDMI to a computer also, but this computer is also new. I can resolve the issue by turning on brilliant color. However, any setting (as before) without brilliant color will have the green issue.

Is this a symptom of a bad color wheel? Or bulb? or what?

I will upload pictures soon to make it obvious what I mean. Thanks for any help.

BMCreider's Avatar BMCreider 12:56 PM 04-28-2013
Ok here is a hue/saturation test chart I use that makes it obvious.

Here is the original chart image:

Here is the issue, the horizontal bars are supposed to be darker than the foreground - not brighter.

And with BrilliantColor turned on, all the other colors remain normal as they were, and green becomes normal, too.

rnatalli's Avatar rnatalli 02:20 PM 04-28-2013
I'm not expert and can't interpret color charts, but quite a few of the DLP projectors I've come across push green. In the case of LCD, I find they often push red. As in your case, this can typically be solved with calibration and messing with settings.
BMCreider's Avatar BMCreider 04:07 PM 04-28-2013
To me when I hear DLP color push I think of some vague miscalibration that an average joe couldn't see without a side by side comparison.

This seems more glaring.

IMHO anyways.
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