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I'll try to keep this from getting too convoluted. My setup consists of HTPC > VSX-820 > Epson 3020. I have everything working absolutely perfectly except 3D.

My video card is a GTS 450.

I go to nVidia Control Panel and enable Stereoscopic Vision. I go to resolution and under 3D I select, 1024 x 720 60Hz. I open up a SBS 3D MKV in TMT6 and I get perfect 3D 720p playback at 60Hz. Now when I go to nVidia Control Panel again to select a 2D resolution (1920 x 1080 @ 60Hz), my screen goes black for a second and I get two overlapped 1920 x 480 images in the center of the screen. Looking through each eye of the 3D glasses gives me a different picture for each eye. I then have to "refresh" the HDMI input on the Epson 3020 by selecting HDMI 2 and switching back to HDMI 1. So switching to 720p 3D from 2D 1080p works perfectly. But switching back to 2D 1080p from 3D 720p forces me to jump through a few hoops. I can live with this.

The real issues begin with 1080p 3D. Switching from 2D 1080p60 to 3D 1080p24 doesn't work at all. My projector looks like its switching but then the screen goes completely black and stays that way. I have to plug the PC into a monitor to get it out of that.

The real kicker is I had it working for about 5 mins before. Then when I switched back to 2D and tried getting it back it stopped working completely.

I've tried using nVidia's 314 drivers and even rolled back to 310.90 to no avail. I don't know what else to do. I don't want to settle for 720p 3D playback when the projector is capable of 1080p 3D.

Any ideas?
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