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I was running an Acer H5360 in my HT with a 120 inch 1.2 gain Elite screen. I sit about 13 feet away from the screen. I use it to watch both 2D and 3D content. Mainly MKV files. Stricly through HTPC (NVidia highend card). As you would know, H5360 is 720p and I believe is a DLP projector.

Then I had restlessness to upgrade as I thought 1080p would be so much better. So I bough an Epson 3020 at about 3 times the cost of H5360.

3020 was great. Very sharp. Very bright. etc.

However, Its colours are not as deep as H5360 and black levels were not as good as H5360. 3020, compared to H5360, appeared as if washed out (mind you, 3020 in its own right does not produce a washed out photo so that is why I am saying "compared to H5360"). Colors weren't as rich. On the whole, H5360 produced must more vibrant, deep, and ""pop" video.

Of course, 3020 was brighter (H5360 is not dim either!), and resolution for text in Windows etc was obvioulsy very high and sharp. However, all those advantages disappeared as soon video was started in full screen mode (the main and only purpose to have this setup :-)

How could that be? Why would a project one third the cost would produce richer and deep video than the more expensive one?
All that siad, is H5360 really that good a projector? Of course I am loving it now to the point that 3020 may end up on eBay. But I am interested in knowing what the general consensus/observations are...
In all fairness, 3020 did not justify 3 times the cost even if it produced "better" video (even though we could not see that "betterment": myself, my wife, and a friend all did an A-B and picked H5360's PQ to be better than 3020's!!!)

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Before you give up the 3020 at least do a proper test with a blu ray player and real uncompressed 1080p content. MKV's are watchable but most are 1080i and highly compressed. If your comparing poor content on both projectors the more native resolution might look better. Borrow a PS3 or Blu Ray player or at least get an uncompressed ISO of a Blu Ray to play to compare.

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I did!

I have an Avatar original BluRay, which I used. Besides, your comments re using compressed files may be true in other cases but not in mine. I used only 1080p files with very high bit rate (for example: a two hour clip in a file sized 15GB+, etc). Yes, these are compressed but not as "heavily" as you have anticipated.

It keeps getting better/surprising: Acer H5360 has a Cinema mode, which is soooooooo much better than any photo that 3020 produces. Inky blacks. High contract. Deep colors.

I tell you guys, H5360 is a real gem! I always had it but I have just "discovered" it. As I said, I always thought that I am running an entry level cheapy projector but this projector produced BETTER quality video than Epson 3020. I can't deny my own observations and those of others around me who saw it and agreed!

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DLP is a pretty great technology if you can get past the rainbows and deal with less-than-stellar black levels.

If you're going budget, I still think it's hard to beat the H5360. If you're already running an HTPC, the H5360 plus a Darbee Darblet will run you around $500 and to beat it with an LCD or LCoS solution (IMHO) you'd have to outlay over 4x that amount.
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The Benq w1070, among others, is better than the h5360... The Acer h6510 is also a better deal if looking at sub $650 projectors, as it is a 1080p unit.

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It sounds like your 3020 is not setup for best results. This model includes a color management system that allows for calibration. Given that you probably don't want to spend the money for a professional calibration, I suggest you try out the settings used for the 3020 review published at Projector Reviews (HERE). While you shouldn't expect those setting to be ideal for your specific 3020, since there are unit to unit variations, those Projector Reviews settings may be an improvement as compared to the factory default settings.

Also, just because your Acer produces more saturated colors doesn't mean it is better, since it may be producing overly saturated colors that are in fact not accurate (I don't know, but this is just a possibility).


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