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Digital Projectors - Under $3,000 USD MSRP

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08-25-2013 | Posts: 32
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Alright, i have a 60" Mitsubishi DLP that is starting to die on me (flickers even with a new bulb put in), so i decided i wanted to upgrade to a bigger screen/smaller box, (i am in grad school and will soon move across the country to start a PhD and dont want to drag a 60"+tv with me).

The house i am renting isn't ideal for a home theater, but both me and my wife are willing/wanting to make it work, and it will only be for a year in this location before we move and can find a much better area to use as a home theater room.

The room i will be using is the main living room; it has quite a bit of ambient light during the day, but we usually have the shades pulled so it isnt too bad, the screen size i am looking at is hopefully an electronic 100" 16x9 from amazon, there is a Favi which is $150 1.3 gain, and elite screen, $170 1.1 gain, and the projector i have been looking at is the Optoma HD131Xe ceiling mounted. The hd131xe has been getting some pretty good reviews, and i am hoping since the screen size i am going for is only 100", the 2500 lumens will be sufficient to light up the screen during the day with some ambient light, (and if recommended i can get the 1.3 gain screen if that would help)

To reach the screen size of 100" the projector has a minimum throw of 10'11", the room size is 11'4", so i will most likely have to be a few inches short of the required throw, how horrible of a situation is it if i project a 96-97" image on a 100" screen? I am thinking if all else fails i can use black tape, or something else to cover the extra white areas, which can be removed when i move to a more suitable location.

In order to place the screen at a suitable location for viewing and accounting for the projector offset of 8" the center lens of the projector will fall about 15" from the ceiling, i have been looking at some mounts on amazon for $25-50, and have had found trouble finding a mount that would work in that situation, most without the extender are 7"~, and those with the extension poles go from 16"+, so if anyone knows of a fairly good budget mount that would work with my situation that would be great.

So, any advice on how to make this work, am i crazy for even trying to get this to work?

My budget is around 1,000, and with the mount/projector/screen i have been looking at i am right around there, but i am willing to switch things around if they will work better, (but i would like a projector that has cheap bulb replacements, so the hd131xe/hd25e are pretty high up on my list)

Thanks alot,
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It's not horrible to be 3" short of the screen if you cover the extra part of the screen with black velvet material, but it's not worth it IMO.
Look at projectors that are compatible with your throw ratio.

Why are you stuck on the Optoma?

The Benq w1070 has a shorter throw and will work fine in this setup, though the projector will need to be mounted closer up. For this type of room, I would most likely buy the Da-Lite HP pulldown screen (about $250 for a 100"). It has a tiny bit of texture but only visible if you sit very close, for the most part you cannot see the texture of this screen. It has less texture than some 1.2 gain screens I've seen. Since this goes over budget slightly, perhaps look in the DIY screen forums for a decent positive gain gray type screen. There are some good options in there for you.

This will give you about 1.3 to 1.6 gain depending where you mount the Benq, and the Benq will be as bright as the Optoma was on a 1.0 gain screen...
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08-25-2013 | Posts: 32
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From what i have read the optoma has better shadow detail, better brightness, better 3d, and isn't as loud as the benq, along with having cheap bulb replacements (which is very important to me, although i am not 100% sure on the cost of benq bulbs), and it also costs $80~ less.

The benq surpasses the optoma in mounting capabilties but i am thinking more long term than short term. When i move out of this house in less than a year one of my priorities in my next house will be a room that will work perfectly for the projector. I would prefer to find a workable temporary solution such as velvet or tape, especially because i am so close to reaching the perfect throw range, and get from what i have read a better projector (for me at least).

I'll look into some DIY screens though, if it isn't too expensive/complicated i could just build myself a 96" screen, (although electric would work better in the long run because again i would have to dismantle/transport a DIY screen in about a year)

(after typing all that i just looked up and found another reason the benq won't work, i have a ceiling fan, with the projector placed against the wall like i was planning the projector image to the top of the screen would avoid the fan completely, but if i use a projector closer to the screen the fan would get in the way (although i could potentially remove the fan, that is another hassle to take into account)

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08-26-2013 | Posts: 32
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Decided to switch walls to where i am projecting so i don't have any throw distance issues with the setup.

About to pull the trigger on the HD131Xe,

Still unsure on whether i should get the 1.1 gain favi, or the 1.3 gain elite screens, they are only $20 difference and i'm not sure how much brighter the image would be on the favi, but i'm leaning towards the elite screen because i like how it has an extra 5" of black border on the top to help me lower the screen a little bit more than the favi.

For the ceiling mount i found this one:
This mount doesn't have many reviews but i had alot of trouble finding a mount that has can be adjusted to 14"~ that cost less than $50

So will the 1.1 be that different in bright light compared to the 1.3 gain screen, and anyone recommend a good cheap ceiling mount that works in this situation?

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