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The question is: which of these two is a better projector for 2D and 3D video content (movies only. no games. no TV. Dark Room. 120" screen). Pure and simple.

In another few threads, it has been established to my satisfaction that Benq w1070 is a very good video projector in my price range for both 2D and 3D content. I have an opportunity to buy a refurbished Benq W7000 for about $300 more than the price of a brand new Benq w1070. The current price difference between the two will be considered negligible by me at this time. However, w7000's shorter lamp life is a concern and it will eventually add to the original $300 price difference to then be a factor which is no longer negligible. So, I would continue to consider price difference as negligible if w7000 is really that much better than w1070 for video image quality.

My setup is a 120" screen with totally dark room with ample space to mount the projector wherever I want. Placement flexibility (like longer zoom or lens shift) is of no significance to me. I want to make a decision purely based on what I am buying a projector for: movie video's image quality! Also, Rainbow effect does not happen for me.

I currently have an Acer 5360 (720p) and I have been told that the reason I like its picture quality so much (I preferred it over Epson 3020) is because of DLP technology, and it was suggested to me that Benq w1070 would be a noticeable upgrade/improvement over Acer 5360. Benq W7000 is listed as even a higher end model in reviews but it also happens to be full year older than W1070. w7000 was introduced at the end of 2011 and w1070 was introduced at the end of 2012. I have read that the w1070 has latest technologies like DC3 and 144Hz 3D etc etc which are major improvements. So, I am not sure whether W7000 is still better in terms of video picture quality, or w1070 has it beat.

If there is another projector in this price range which, in your opinion, is even better than these two, I would love to hear about it.

Any help in making a decision would be greatly appreciated! Thanks.
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was just bumping it up hoping that it catches someone attention smile.gif thanks.
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My impression strictly from reading is that that the 1070 has better image quality.
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Haven't viewed the W7000 but I do own a Acer H9500BD which is similar in that it has a Iris to get the deeper blacks.

I also own a W1070 that has no iris. Now from what I have read on some testing done is the native contrast is higher on the W1070, than on the W7000 and H9500BD projectors. My eye agrees at least compared to the H9500BD. The depth of color is better on theW1070 then my H9500BD, shadow detail is better. The H9500 does blacks darker/blacker but over all picture/video I prefer the W1070.
I would be willing to bet I would prefer the W1070 over the W7000 as well on image alone. The W7000 earns it's higher price in a few other areas such as more lens adjustment, iris and believe it has FI as well. The W1070 is a no frills great image projector and I love it.
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Having compared the two (w7000 vs. w1070), well the w1070 does have more dynamic color (intrascene contrast) when the IRIS is not needed (in all but dark scenes), but the w7000 can go darker sometimes (but the w7000's IRIS is far from perfect).

I would pretty much say that the w1070 and w7000 are too different and too similar at the same time to really consider one better than the other, it just depends what you are doing with it and what your needs are.

Benq w7000 Advantages:
For HTPC text or reading, the w7000 is sharper and has a more uniform focus (at least between the two samples I saw).
Not as loud overall and you can mount it farther back
Does not require an ND filter if the image is too bright (the w7000's IRIS can bring the brightness way way down to any level you need)
Definitely has a 6-speed adjustable color wheel, though in 6-speed mode the color wheel is so loud that you probably will use 4-speed
Has Frame Interpolation in 2D and 3D, but does not support 144hz 3D like the Benq w1070
Much better placement flexibility, and has center lens shift vs the w1070's offset-based lens shift
Works better with the Da-Lite High Power screens or any retro-reflective screen due to mounting flexibility
Lamps last fairly long even though only rated at 2000 hours, I am approaching 3000 hours and my lamp is still bright enough on a 106" 1.5 gain screen

Benq w1070 Comparison
Uses Dark Chip 3 instead of Dark Chip 2 which essentially allows it to have better intrascene contrast (w7000 = Dc 2)
More accurate color OOTB than the w7000, though the w7000 is not that bad either OOTB
Color Wheel speed does not appear to be adjustable, therefore 4x might be the maximum (though might be 6x, I do not know for sure)
Supports 144hz 3D which reduces the shuttering / flickering effect for some people relating to the DLP Link glasses
Does not support Frame interpolation in 2D or 3D (some prefer FI for Sports)
Often too bright in 2D for smaller screens, an ND filter will be needed
Has no IRIS and no really dim modes for dark / night-time 2D viewing (which is why you need the ND filter)
Uses lamp dimming tech instead of an IRIS, which I find has very little benefit
Lamps will likely last a bit longer, they are rated longer and I think use less wattage, plus this PJ is brighter in BEST mode

Overall in videos (2D anyhow), the image is more similar looking than it is different, you'd be hard pressed to see a difference much of the time. It's hard to say which one is better, they are too close to call. I would say the w7000 is not worth the extra price unless you do a LOT of HTPC reading and are really picky about focus uniformity (I am so the w7000 was worth it to me), or if you are picky about audible noise (then get the w7000), or if you want Frame interpolation (another reason for w7000).

Otherwise, the w1070 does just fine.

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Thank you everyone for replies to help me make a decission. just ordered a w1070 and taking delivery on Saturday. Loud fan noise reports concern me but I am hoping that ceiling mounting it (our basement ceiling is 9" high) as far back as possible for my 120" screen, and using eco mode would help lower it. We'll see--or I'll have another great deal for eBay shoppers frown.gif My guess is that I will like it. I passed over w7000 because even though I use an HTPC as the video source, I seldom use it as a "computer". As FI and IRIS would most likely be disabled by me, and placement flexibility doesn't factor in for me, w1070 emrges as a clear choice for me.

coderguy, especially, thanks for taking the time to put together a summary review of both. after I had posted this question, i did what I should have done to begin with: use the Search. I usually do but just didn't think of in this case for some unknown reason. I noticed that not only there are other threads asking the exactly same questions and many good responses but also that you had contributed greatly to those threads too. Very nice of you to respond again. THANKS!
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Thanks to everyone who contributed their opinion to this thread. I'm currently mulling over the same decision, as my local store has both in stock.
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Me as well but ive decided on the w7000 refurb but ill be going with a 2.35 screen and manually zooming the 1070 cant switch back and forth to 16:9 and 2.35
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