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Hello guys!

I´m new to all these projectors and home theaters things but since I´ve always wanted to have that cinematic big screen right at home, I´ve decided to jump on the train smile.gif

I´m a computer guy. I do everything with my computers. I build them from the ground up, do abit of work in photoshop/Sony Vegas/Cinema 4D, watching movies (ofcourse) and I also do quite alot of gaming.

As the title says, my prior concern is watching movies and playing games and my budget is around 1000$, what projector would fit my bill?

What gamers concerns are inputlag and motionblur, and that is usually why we stay away from TVs/Projectors in general. But since I crave this big screen so much, I´m simply gonne have to look over a few things. With that being said, Im still looking for a projector with low inputlag and motionblur smile.gif

Now, I'm a spontaneous guy, haha, so when I woke up a few days ago wanting a projector, I did a quick search here on the forum for a affordable projector and I pulled the trigger on the Optoma HD131Xe. It was supposely a projector with low inputlag and great image quality for the price (Even tho its 200$ more here in Sweden compared to the 800$ price

As everyone else new to the game, I have no idea if what I got is good or bad 0_0. The only real comparison I got is the cinema and It would´nt really be fair comparing it to their setup, since it must be a heck more expensive then what I got x)

And as the rookie that I am, I have just thrown the projector onto a white ass wall, so I dunno If I can judge the image quality just yet. How much difference does a neat projector screen do? The projector is currently setup in my mancave next to my computer as a extended desktop to my main 120hz Samsung screen, but I did make my own screen to try it out in the livingroom.

I simply took a big white sheet and I nailed two planks on the each side, I nailed one side into the wall and I stretched it until it was wrinkle free and then I nailed the other side into the wall aswell. I even stretched the top and bottom and I nailed in some more nails to make it a complete flat surface. When I was done, In went my extended King Kong bluray and I enjoyed over 3 hours of awesome home cimena biggrin.gif

The only thing I could really say about the image quality was that it didnt really pop, Im not sure if it was becuase of the sheet screen or if if that is simply the nature of 1080p on a 100+inch screen. I would imagine the PPI being pretty darn low. (Even if it shouldnt really be much of a difference since I was sitting fairly far away from the screen)

I might also be looking for a color calibration, so if anyone got one for the HD131Xe, please post it here wink.gif

I´ve also tried quite abit of gaming and something that have disappoint me was motion blur. It was more noticeable then I could ever imagine and I also had to experience the rainbow effect for the first time aswell frown.gif Or it might actually be the RBE that I´m referring to as motion blur since everytime there is some kind of fast motion, It feels like the picture is remaining in a form of shadow/rainbow like effect when next frame is coming into play. In car games, pretty much every sharp turn was horrible and really turned me off :/

UPDATE: Now, the text above was written a week or so ago, I just never got the time to post it here. I know have decided to keep the Optoma HD131Xe for the living-room with a dedicated home cinema setup, just cuz I really enjoy the picture quality, my only concern really was the RBE as mentioned before. I´m now planning to get a sweetass projector for da man cave! Da Da Daaaan! smile.gif

Same requirements as above, I even decided to raise my budget to 1200$~ if that would get me to a neater projector. I assume 3LCD and Epson seem to be my only fair option atm, but there is obviously alot of different models. My family will mostly use the Optoma in the livingroom, so I dont really want to trade image quality for lower inputlag and motionblur just because I already got a neat "movie projector" at my disposal smile.gif (I want to be able to enjoy my cheap comedy movies with superb quality aswell ^^)

I found something that seems to be really new to the market, Its the EH-TW5200, which is actually advertised as a gaming projector but still remaining some pretty neat specs.

It really seems like a great deal and seems to fit my bill, but it looks cheap as hell and the contrast seems fairly low compared to the competition, which makes me think that the image quality isnt that great compared to something like my HD131Xe, but what do you guys think? smile.gif

I´m also interested in their no lag "Fast mode", which sounds fantastic for my requirements, but modes like this often has to steal some from the image quality to make it possible, but what do I know :S

ALL HELP IS APPRECIATED! Even if I dont know anyone here, I´m already in-love with the community, you rock guys!!

Your sincerely Simon R3B0RN
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