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For those considering purchasing the HD25E. keep in mind it was recently discovered the hd131xe is the same projector using the same exact firmware only with a black case vs a white one.

Other recently discovered that with either an hd25E or hd131xe serial number you can download the firmware for eith at optomas site and load either on either model machine....
in fact it you compare the HD25e and hd131xe firmware files you would find they were both created at 2:18pm on 09/06 and the file script is exactly the same meaning they are the same just renamed. (the firmware confirms the same colorwheel and ballast/bulb as well as other hardware components.... plus the shared soft corner focus issue indicates the same optics)

some have already loaded hd25e firmware on the hd131xe and confirmed there was no performance or even calibration change.

The biggest indicator is on the optoma product sticker where the other optoma models state the projectors model number, both the hd25e and hd131xe instead say "HDVENUE" and you wont find the hd25e or hd131xe model numbers anywhere on the projector... just a sticker with a C0A product code and a serial number that interchangable to get firmware for either model. (If you try to use the serial number to download any other models firmware but the 25e or 131xe the optoma site will prevent you stating its the wrong model projector for that serial number...

optoma specs the hd25e as being slightly brighter and having better contrast than the hd 131xe but nieth projector measures near either spec.... This is most likely the same numbers exaggerated to different degrees by marketing to try to help justify the 30/40% price increase for the hd25e over the black hd131xe....

If a white case is that important to you than the 40% increase in price may be worth it but if not this makes the hd131xe that much better of a value.
I felt it was helpful to mention this in its own thread since many do not take the time to read through the longer threads and may easily miss it.

Some might say the hd25e could be the model that tested better than the hd131xe during production but the fact is it more likely that it would take more time and effort to test and measure the specs of each unit this way and sort/separate them. It just doesnt work this way in most cases. especially with a product like this that costs so little to manufacture.

infocus tried this way back when with the x1 being sold for 2/3 the price as the SP4800 and they too were the same projector but at least they put tweaked firmware on the sp4800 that you had to load to the x1 if you wanted the advantages....
maybe optoma is hoping the HD131xe will be as famous as the x1 was as a result?
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You're correct on all accounts, except for two issues. One, is that you might not be able to download the firmware for the 131xe, if you have the HD25e or vice-versa. I've read threads where some have been able to, while others have not. It does ask for your projector's serial number.

The other issue, is that the HD25e has 2,800 lumens of brightness, and the 131xe has 2,500 lumens of brightness. That is the only difference between the two units, besides color of the unit, and of course the price. So, as a consumer, if you intend to view your projector's image in a dark room on a consistent basis, save an additional $200 or so and get the 131xe. However, as in my situation, my room has a fair amount of light coming through the windows, even though I shut the blinders and put a dark curtain up to limit the amount that passes through. Having that additional 300 lumens of brightness helps with my HD25e during the day, when more light comes in than when I watch it during the night.

In other words, $200 for 300 lumens of brightness is all the difference.
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Human visual perception being what it is, if those numbers are correct, you would barely notice that 12 percent difference in brightness side by side. It's specsmanship.
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Where exactly do you think that 200 lumens is coming from? Did they sprinkle magic powder in the projector? I ask because the components of the two projectors are identical (down to the chips, the lens and the bulbs even) and as mentioned in the post, the firmware is also identical (there were rumors that firmware was the cause of the difference). 


The posts above seem to accurately attack poor marketing practices, but your post simply seems to be you justifying throwing money away (by paying 150-250 more for the EXACT SAME PROJECTOR, under a different label.) You may want to look up post-purchase rationalization, since you seem to be its poster child. 

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