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ccmix's Avatar ccmix 06:32 AM 11-27-2013


  After reading through a lot of topics, i have come to the conclusion that everyone here is a lot smarter than i am :)

  I have always wanted a little home theater but never had the money. I have come across a projector for $41.00. It is old but i think it will be ok. It is a Sanyo 3 digital lens projection LCD, Model PLC-WT500L. It doesn't come with a lens but i found one that says it will work on eBay for $35.00 Sanyo LNS-S10 standard zoom lens. My room is only 10 X 11 so it won’t be an awesome HT but with kids my budget is slim to none.

  My questions are somewhat basic. Should i paint the room dark and what type of screen should I use. I have seen several posts about painting and several about spandex. I am worried about the brightness of the projector it is 5000 lumens, most i see on here are about half that or less. My room has 2 windows in it but most of my movies and gaming will be at night. Thanks again in advance for the help and please bear with me as i have never even stepped into this realm before but i am very excited about it.



rekbones's Avatar rekbones 03:17 PM 11-27-2013
That's an auditorium projector with a 7000 (from the specs I looked up) lumen rating. Your going to need sunglasses to watch this thing in a 10 x11 room. You need to check your lens to see what size image you can throw in such a short distance. This would be a great projector for an outdoor theater but inside a small room your going to have problems.
ccmix's Avatar ccmix 03:31 PM 11-27-2013
Well man. That is not what wanted to hear lol. I read somewhere about a lens I can put on that would not make it as bright. I can't remember the name of it. Is there any suggestions on how to make this work or should I just try and re-sell it.
ccmix's Avatar ccmix 03:54 PM 11-27-2013
The problem I have is no money. That kind of makes this whole thing difficult.
rekbones's Avatar rekbones 03:56 PM 11-27-2013
personally I would attempt to resell it, someone wanting and outdoor theater might be interested. An nd filter would reduce the light output but you still would have the throw range problem (check what size lenses are available) but at 500 watts it will also be a space heater in a small room.
wyen78's Avatar wyen78 04:08 PM 11-27-2013
Originally Posted by rekbones View Post

That's an auditorium projector with a 7000 (from the specs I looked up) lumen rating. Your going to need sunglasses to watch this thing in a 10 x11 room. You need to check your lens to see what size image you can throw in such a short distance. This would be a great projector for an outdoor theater but inside a small room your going to have problems.

DAMN 7000 lumens, that's insane in that size room. I'd love to see it though.

It can get frustrating at times, I know...been there, sometimes still there....when you see people talking about expensive gear so nonchalantly. Like the guys who buy multiple projectors, or drop 10K on a setup without batting an eye. A HT experience does NOT have to be expensive to be enjoyable. Really folks here are passionate about their hobby and something that most people would never ever notice would irritate them (like a bit of moire, judder, etc). Even if the colors aren't calibrated really well, or if the black level isn't that great....a large screen can still be impressive and make for an enjoyable HT. My favorite part of this hobby is that my 750 dollar 50 in tv looks way better than my buddies 1500 dollar 42in tv. His tv is in a different league than mine, but I calibrated mine with an i1 display colormeter. Actually his tv looks better than mine now, but only cause I calibrated it for him. A halfway decent calibration on a budget set will beat out all the high priced tvs that people buy and keep torch mode on. As you spend time here, you'll learn a lot from all the experts that populate these boards, and that knowledge will let you build a cheaper setup that will work better than other people who spend 3X amount of money.

I would be looking around to try to find a decent deal on a 720p projector. Lower resolution than that gets pretty fuzzy on a large 90-100in screen. The difference between 480i/p and 720p is pretty big and readily apparent, the difference between 720 and 1080p even on larger screen sizes, while it is apparent, you notice more in the details, it's a much smaller difference.

See if you can find somewhere to take a look at a budget dlp projector like an optoma gt750. The color wheel on this guy is sllllow compared to most ht projectors. I have this projector and don't see RBE (rainbow effect) so I know I'm not sensitive to it. Some people are and some aren't. Hopefully you aren't sensitive to it cause you'll have more options at the budget end if you can use single chip dlp projector.

In my apartment I was using that gt750 and projecting onto my plain white walls, the rest of the apartment is painted white, windows weren't light tight.....I was still happy watching avatar on 120inches. With a tight budget, I'd spend just about all of it on the projector, and project onto a white wall, or paint yourself a screen and paint the rest of the wall dark. I'd cobble the audio system together using whatever spare parts I had lying around....old speakers off a boom box or computer speakers etc.

Monoprice has a 5.1 speaker setup for less than 90 bucks and another one (which I think they made after klipsch sued them over their 9774 speakers which were knockoffs of energy take 5 classics) for around 250.
Accessories4less.com has refurb receivers, you can probably find a good denon or onkyo for around 200 maybe less. You can probably find someone willing to sell their old receiver for cheap.

I am trying to upgrade some components of my system. If you lived in my area, I'd be willing to sell you some of the gear, but with shipping cost of these things, I don't think they'd be worth it.

ENJOY the boards, and remember....once you set up everything properly, calibrate the speakers and screen, and do some cheap mods to the room (diy acoustic panels, paying attention to dimensions, using soft wall coverings and bookshelves to disperse the sound waves etc. your setup will probably be better than 90% of the populations even if your gear is much cheaper. I'm guessing less than 5% of people ever do this kind of stuff.
ccmix's Avatar ccmix 04:39 PM 11-27-2013
Thanks for the advice. Wyen78 I have always dreamed of having a HT I have the audio equipment from my old surround but I will start looking around and keep posting on here for the good advice. If any one hears of any good deals I would really appreciate the heads up. Thanks again really enjoying the forum so far.
Kreationz's Avatar Kreationz 05:25 PM 11-27-2013

At the bottom end of the budget range, your looking at 800x600 resolution. This is suitable for DVD @ 16:9 for 720x480p output and a price of around $300. However, if you bump that price just $100 to $400, then you move up to 1024x768 (Good for PC, but just short of 720p HD). At the $500 range, you can get a decent 720p projector. That is basically where entry level currently stands.

ccmix's Avatar ccmix 05:28 PM 11-27-2013
$500 isn't to bad I can gather that together. I just looked at the specs listed for the pj and it says 5000 lumens and it does at most 1080i. Will it really not work for $41.00. There is no way it would look good.
rekbones's Avatar rekbones 05:43 PM 11-27-2013
That projector you have sold up until 2012 with an MSRP of $10,000 and its 1024 x 768. If you can get a lens for it and make sure its working you should be able to sell it for at least a few $100. There are hundreds of 1024 x 768 used DLP projectors on EBay for under a $100 that might just need a lamp. You could break even and have a projector that will fit your room.
ccmix's Avatar ccmix 05:46 PM 11-27-2013
Well its gonna be around $80 just to see if it works. No big deal but if it won't work for the room I would rather put that to the side towards one that will. Thanks again everyone for all the input. I am very bummed that it is not gonna work out but I will not give up.
Kreationz's Avatar Kreationz 06:49 PM 11-27-2013

I'm assuming this is the PJ your getting:

To see what size and how bright it will be you can look at the calculator for it: http://www.projectorcentral.com/Sanyo-PLC-WTC500L-projection-calculator-pro.htm (Note: the calc assumes using a LNS-T10 which is a telephoto zoom lens)

If you look at the calc and your room size, you'll see that it will have a 140fl. That is about 4-5x brighter than than what is normal for a HT and about 7x brighter than what is needed for a light controlled room. If you stick with that option, you likely want but a low gain(<1.0 with) high contrast(HC) grey screen and a neutral density(ND) filter(like at least a 2 stop or 0.6). The ND filter is not very expensive and can be had for under $60 easily. The screen will likely run you a few hundred unless your the do-it-yourself type.

0.6 ND(75% light reduction)+0.9 HC Grey(10% additional reduction) = 77.5% total reduction * 140fl @ 74" @ 11' = 31.5fl which will be plenty bright for a non-light controlled room and should give you a decent result.

If we move the PJ closer(say 10' vs 11'), the final result of the same accessories would put you at ~38fl(overly bright but can be adjusted further by lower gain/darker filter) and only a max of 67" (at which point your dropping in to used flat panel territory vs a PJ).

Note: That is all based on the LNS-T10 that the calc uses. The LNS-S10 is a standard zoom lens while the LNS-T10 is a telephoto zoom lens. The final picture size will depend on the lens your get for it.

At $80+$60 for an ND filter set, you'll only be at $140 for a test run(and the lenses are new with a return policy).

Link ND filters: http://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/search?atclk=Stock_In+stock&ci=114&N=4026728350+11+35&mxp=60 (A person with more photo experience can likely help you better than I can on these)

ccmix's Avatar ccmix 05:29 AM 11-28-2013
Man, that is a lot to take in for a newbie but really appreciate it. I think for that I will put the $140 aside and try to save up for one that I can just plug in, calibrate and enjoy. I am very handy and love anything that is DIY so when I pick out my PJ I will be asking some questions about a screen. Thanks again for the time to help me. Have a happy thanksgiving everyone.
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