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Spudie's Avatar Spudie 09:19 PM 12-02-2013

Hi All,

First post for a newbie to projectors and the like. I have been doing quite a bit of research and my situation is a little quirky for my projector room. I will be able to ceiling mount a projector (yet to be purchased) about 4 - 5 meters from the screen, however I am limited in my screen height due to some pipes being boxes in at the top of the wall where the screen will go. I am looking at about 160cm's in height for the screen. My question is what is my variable if my screen size is pretty much locked? Is it the distance of the projector from the screen? The image throw size (which I understand is best to be 1:1 and not reduced)? The type of projector (i.e. a desirable feature that gives greater flexability without compromising image quality)? Please forgive me if this is a stupid question, I am just not sure what variables are more or less important than another.


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