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JohnLew's Avatar JohnLew 05:26 PM 01-26-2014
Ok, so my electrician starts on Tuesday and the sheetrock will be going up in about 2-3 weeks in the basement. Between the time the electrician is done and the sheetrocker, I'm going to be doing the low voltage wiring.

I have plenty of experience in A/V except for one area - projectors smile.gif I don't think I'm going to like any of the 80-90" LED models out there so I've changed course and been thinking about a front projector setup.

Room is long (25-30' straight out from where the screen will be) and my usable space on the wall is about 125"x70" (WxH). I'm thinking something around a 120" diagonal screen. Main seating will be between 12-14'.

Here's the part where my lack of experience with projector install is confusing me. There is a soffit that runs the full width of the room from about 7' to 13' (measuring straight out from the projector) and drops down 16" from the ceiling. Based on a couple of the projector throw distances I'm looking at and screen gain, I figure I would be fine with a throw distance just behind the projector, somewhere in the 14'-15' range.

Do I simply extend the ceiling mount down so that the lens is below the soffit? When I do the math on one of the projector with a 65% vertical offset (Sony VPL-HW30), I come up with the proper install being about 22" down from a 10' ceiling (screen center at 60" from floor, screen dimensions of 104"Wx59"H).

That should clear the soffit by plenty, correct? Obviously, I want to keep the projector as high and out of the way as possible.

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