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Dan0myte's Avatar Dan0myte 02:06 PM 01-31-2014

I'm getting ready to pull the trigger on a projector for my home theatre and I'm torn between two options. I have a budget of $1000 max for all the equipment. A local seller has a AE4000U for sale with an extra bulb and a 109" DaLite screen for $850, or if I go to Amazon I can get a W1070 for $850 with free shipping.


I know the Panasonic is 3LCD and the BenQ is DLP and I've read about the superiority of DLP over LCD if you're not affected by RBE, but the Panny was a $2000 projector a couple of years ago and seems like the superior product. Plus I have to factor in the screen, which is included with the used deal, but a big question mark if I go with the BenQ. With $150 left I''ll probably have to make some sort of a DIY screen.


Which way would you go?

AV_Integrated's Avatar AV_Integrated 10:34 PM 01-31-2014
I think the AE4000 is better. DLP is not a superior product, and these cheaply made DLP projectors don't have nearly the quality in the optics which the AE4000 has.

The bigger worry is the long term reliability of the AE4000. Was it abused? How many hours has it been running? Projection electronics last about 5-10 years. So, something a few years old, which has seen use, may only have a few years of realistic use left on it.

Oh, and the 109" screen?

Is it fixed frame? Or is it some junky manual roll up screen? What aspect ratio? That's an unusual diagonal and DaLite has maintained their product line up for quite a few years. So get a model number, aspect ratio, etc.

Fixed frame is the best way to go for home theater if you can do it.
Dan0myte's Avatar Dan0myte 08:40 AM 02-05-2014

Thanks for the reply. Very much appreciated.

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