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Digital Projectors - Under $3,000 USD MSRP

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Hello guys, new here.  I'm no expert when it comes to either projectors or home theaters so I'm looking for a nice projector to cover my needs.  For what I understand is that LED projectors are better than bulbs, (So I guess) also, some high definition projectors, 1080p come in DLP.  Since I am no expert on this matter, I've heard that 720P is just as good as 1080p, however, I may be wrong.  I need to cover a fairly bright room, I have over 10 skylights, cathedral style ceilings, distance from wall to wall that I need this projector to work is at 20ft distance, where the projector would be installed and the projector screen on the other end which is a total of 20 feet.  My idea is to install a remote electric powered projector screen in my living room.  I'm an avid MMA/UCF/Sports and movie addict, instead of purchasing a 80 inch screen tv for almost 5k, give or take, I have to look at other options.  


Also, I would like to take this projector out in the yard for movies/sports as well and possibly do minor presentations.  So my price range is under $1000 for this projector, but I would like to remain in the mid price range of 1k, maybe $500, etc or so.  I know that I maybe asking for too much but thats why I came here to get some suggestions/guidance.  So I'm looking for the best bang for thew buck~  Again, thank you all in advance for your help~ 

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Get a TV, don't get a projector. You heard wrong about LED, you heard wrong about 720p, you can't compete with daylight with any projector, so your image would suck if you don't properly treat the room with blackout conditions. A decent tab-tensioned motorized screen runs about $2,000 from quality manufacturers, and to hit 120" diagonal from 20' you aren't going to have a ton of options out there.

If you are determined to walk down that road, then this is the list of 1080p projectors that use traditional lamps which can hit 120" from 20' lens to screen:

That list of TWO projectors, is it. Neither are 3D, neither are a new design, both are LCD models.

Take the budget up to $3,000 on the projector and you get these as options:

The BenQ W7500 is a brand new DLP model which is worth consideration.

Of course, if you don't intend to control the light, then you will get absolutely lousy quality.

Once again, I would recommend a TV based upon your room description, conditions, and viewing habits.
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