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RigorousXChris's Avatar RigorousXChris 03:30 PM 04-16-2014
Hello everyone,

I'm using a BenQ 1080ST on a 120'' screen (Draper Luma 2). Previously I had a 65'' Plasma (Panasonic 65ST30).

Now when I watch HD sports channels, the picture is lacks sharpness and seems to have macroblocking and/or pixelated (not sure of proper term here) versus my Plasma. The plasma beats it by a long shot.

I understand this may seem impossible since my screen is nearly three times the volume. Is there a way to improve my BenQ picture to get closer to the plasma?
I've already calibrated it (Disney WOW & DVE HD), but I wanted to make sure I wasn't missing anything. If it's just compression from the cable company, then I guess that's all I can do.

Is there any A/V equipment that can improve HD Cable PQ? Mostly I care about Sports, I'm usually the go to guy for sporting events. Would outputting the cable through a PC be an alternative? Or upscaling from a receiver?


AV_Integrated's Avatar AV_Integrated 09:09 PM 04-16-2014
Are you running the projector directly via HDMI from the cable box, or is it passing through an A/V receiver first? If running through an A/V receiver, bypass it and run it directly to see if that impacts the image at all.

If your cable box has component video output, you may want to give that a try as well.

I know my Denon tends to induce some noise from time to time using its internal scaling, and it's not a good thing. I get great results using component or a direct feed via HDMI.
Natrix1973's Avatar Natrix1973 12:45 PM 04-17-2014
I just got a 1080st and my 130" home made screen set up this week so I was going to start a thread about this myself.

I helped my picture quality by using the scaler in my Yamaha A3020 receiver to upscale my Directv output to 1080P. That took care of a lot of the macroblocking. The picture still looks a little dull and fuzzy especially compared to a Blu Ray but that is to be expected. I am going to have to monkey with the picture settings to see if I can help get the picture to pop a little bit more.
RigorousXChris's Avatar RigorousXChris 12:56 PM 04-17-2014
Interesting. Yep I'm passing it through my A/V receiver right now. I'll see if it running it directly to the cable box improves it.
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